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Unheated Bicolor Sapphires from Ceylon, Burma, Madagascar and Montana | planetarygems.com

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Sweet, unheated, Ceylon violet sapphire. Rare color.


$467/ct            $500/gem

A very sweet, unheated, Ceylon violet sapphire, weighting 1.07 cts., medium, bluish violet color, perfectly executed, oval, "star" cut, and measuring 6.55 x 5.68 x 3.82mm, eye flawless, VVS2 in clarity, from the gem deposits of Nivitigala, Sri Lanka. A rare violet color, that does not display a color change, as most of violet colors do, (changing to a pink color in incandescent light). Completely natural, unheated and untreated, this sapphire will mount well in any setting chosen. And at this price, a great buy.

Unique & rare, bicolor, blue & yellow, Ceylon fancy sapphire. Just beautiful.



$471/ct            $500/gem

A very unique, rare, and definitely exotic, unheated, Ceylon bicolor sapphire, weighing 1.06 cts., with blue color extremities and yellow central body, well executed, oval, mixed cut, and measuring         , eye flawless, VVS2 in clarity, from the gem fields of Marapana, cut & polished in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Zoning is very common in sapphires, lighter and darker areas of the same color in the stone. And sometimes, you get  2 different colors in one stone. The most dramatic are the yellows-blues hues, and this combination is definitely rare. Beautiful & unique sapphire up fro grasp.

Sensuous, brilliant and flawless. Unheated, Ceylon, very light yellow sapphire. Perfection.


$400/ct            $800/gem

Yes, light color, but perfection everything else. This light yellow sapphire weights 2.00 cts., very light  "butter" yellow color, perfectly executed, "antique" cushion, mixed cut, and measuring 6.82 x 6.30 x 4.96mm, perfectly clean, IF-VVS1 in clarity, originating from the gem fields of Kuruvita, cut & polished in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. My talented cutter did a  superb job in making this fancy sapphire a dancing & sparkling gemstone. Absolutely perfect luster. Simply a gorgeous sapphire. Perfect ring stone. Unheated & untreated and offered at a great price. You will love it.


Brilliant & delightful, flawless and perfectly cut, untreated, natural, Ceylon zircon.



$150/ct             $399/gem

A very lovely, natural, unheated, Ceylon zircon, weighting 2.66 cts.,, medium, intense, lime yellow-green color, perfectly executed, round "star", mixed cut, measuring 7.70mm in diameter by 4.94mm deep, flawless gem, IF-VVS1 from the gem fields of Elahera, Sri Lanka. Fine, unheated zircon with unusual color. Most of the Sri Lankan zircons are deep green, with very occasional pastel colors (a 5% of pastels). We like to collect these unusual, different colors. hand picked, do not search for them, we have them. A real nice Zircon that is well cut, clean, and shooting a load of sparkle.

Exotic, lovely shape, with flawless clarity, color change, Ceylon sapphire. Gorgeous.


$526/ct             $600/gem

An exotic, unheated, Ceylon "fancy" sapphire, weighting 1.14 cts., medium "grape" cold violet color in daylight changing to purplish-violet with pink flashes in incandescent light, masterly executed, "antique' cushion, mixed cut, measuring 6.19x4.98x3.92mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the gem fields of Nivitigala, Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, unheated sapphires are becoming virtually not available and increasing in price. This is a very good time to buy. Ask for "special" prices if you buy more than one stone listed in these pages. The best value you can get anywhere. Period!

Super gorgeous, lab certified unheated, Ceylon pink sapphire.


$1,738/ct       $3,850/gem

A truly magnificent, unheated, Ceylon pink sapphire weighting 2.215 cts., medium, vivid, pink color with a very slightly orangish undertone, uniquely executed, slender, oval, mixed cut, measuring 9.17x5.81x5.04mm, eye flawless gem, super clen VVS1 type2 from the gem fields of Marapana, Sri Lanka. A couple of decades ago, the gem fields of Sri Lanka, were producing definitely more unheated pink sapphire rough. Nowadays, fine color, unheated pinks are as scarce as fine Padparadschas and command huge prices. Well, if you want a superb, unheated pink sapphire in the most sought after 2+ cts. size, this is the one. Certified by Emil Gem Lab (Japan) as "unheated".

Exotically colored, well cut for large appearance, unheated, color change,  Ceylon lavender-violet sapphire.


$358/ct              $595/gem

A real uniquely colored, unheated, Ceylon "fancy" sapphire weighting 1.66 cts., medium, vivid, lavender-violet color, changing to violet-pink under incandescent light, very well executed, rectangular, cushion, mixed cut, measuring 8.31x5.59x3.58mm, VS1 from the gem fields of Pelmadulla, Sri Lanka. Lovely elongated rectangular shape, a very rare color (with a color change too) displaying an undeniable exotic presence. Very good size too for a completely no heat` sapphire of unique presence. Will mount splendid in any setting and at a ridiculous low, wholesale price.

Lustrous & effulgent, very well cut, unheated, Ceylon yellow sapphire. A bargain.


$357/ct            $400/gem

Purely brilliant, this unheated, Ceylon yellow sapphire weights 1.12 cts., very light, pure, "straw" yellow color, masterly executed, oval, mixed cut (with "flower" pavilion), and measuring  6.6x5.53x3.87mm, flawless gem,  IF-VVS1 from the gem fields of Marapana, Sri Lanka. The color is somewhat a pale straw yellow, but possessing an adamantine luster with no extinction areas. Beautiful unheated sapphire if you love brilliance and a diamond-like feel. And what a great price too.

Adorable & well cut, uniquely charming, unheated, Ceylon purplish-pink sapphire. Below wholesale.


$548/ct              $620/gem

A very unique (with superb cutting) colored, unheated, Ceylon purplish-pink sapphire, weighting 1.13 cts., medium, "antique" pink color (purplish-pink with slightly platinum undertones), masterly executed, oval, "flower" cut, measuring 6.9x5.7x3.61mm, eye flawless, IF-VVS1 from the gem fields of Kuruvita, Sri Lanka. Adorable sapphire with gentle eye appeal, yes scintillating and vivacious nature. Rather unique shade of pink color...of course totally unheated/untreated as mother nature created it millions of years ago (cut applied).

Delightful, perfect cut and luster, unheated, Ceylon color change, light lilac sapphire.



$540/ct           $800/gem

A really sparkling, unheated, Ceylon fancy sapphire, weighing 1.48 cts., pastel, violet color with platinum undertones in daylight, changing to a platinum pink in incandescent light, perfectly executed, round, mixed cut, and measuring 6.60mm in diameter x 4.62mm , eye flawless, VVS1-2 in clarity (super clean), from the gem fields of Kuruvita, cut & polished in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Classic round cut that delivers a most beautiful luster & brilliance. Unheated & untreated as mother nature created it millions of years ago (cut & polish applied). Rare nowadays.

Sensuously unique, perfect "antique" cushion cut, unheated, color change, Ceylon bluish-purple sapphire.


$472/ct               $700/gem

What about a bi-color? This unheated, Ceylon "fancy" sapphire weights 1.48 cts., medium-dark, pinkish-purple with a blue area (bi-color) in daylight, changing to rich purple with pink flashes in incandescent light, masterly executed, "antique" cushion, "flower" cut, and measuring 7.27x5.26x4.16mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the gem fields of Elahera, Sri Lanka. Very often, finding 2 or 3 colors in the same, rough water worn pebble is just the norm. However not all bi-colors or tri-colors are created equals. A perfect & well proportioned cut will ensure that perfect blend of colors and exciting look in a lovely multi-color, exotic sapphire. And this is unheated too...at a great price.

Exotic & very sparkling, unheated, "greenish-bronze" Umba sapphire. Beautiful!


$346/ct            $440/gem

A very delightful, unheated "fancy" sapphire weighting 1.27 cts., medium, greenish-bronze" color, perfectly executed, round, mixed cut (with "flower" or "Portuguese" pavilion), measuring 6.55mm in diameter by 3.95mm, completely eye clean, VS to SI clarity, type2 from the alluvial gravel of the Umba river, Northern Tanzania. Excellent cutting, this uniquely colored sapphire has excellent (large) dimensions for its carat weight. The greenish-bronze color is so unique that it is a must for all the lovers of unheated sapphires. It will mount exotic, or just add it to your collection...at this price, surely a great deal for an undeniable charmer!

Exotic, unique color, well cut & clean,  unheated, Madagascan fancy sapphire.



$594/ct          $850/gem

 I love this unusual, unheated sapphire. It weighs 1.43 cts., a medium-dark, "burnt" pinkish-red color, perfectly executed, antique cushion, flower cut, and measuring 7.05 x 5.47 x 3.86mm, eye flawless, VVS2 in clarity, from unknown Madagascan mining location. Madagascar. Madagascar produces very unusual colors, from the teals to aquamarines to platinums and the earthy orange reddish-browns. But the sapphire is a type2 gemstone, meaning usually included. Therefore, clean, well cut and unheated pieces are always rare to come by. For somebody who likes earthy tones. Real nice gem

Joyful, dancing with light, rare nowadays, unheated, Montana light green sapphire. Finely cut.



$404/ct             $510/gem

A very brilliant, rare in today;' market, completely no heat (no treatments) Montana sapphire, weighting 1.26 cts., pastel, "mint" green color, very slightly yellowish in undertone, masterly executed, oval "flower" cut, and measuring 6.82x5.69x3.91mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the Rock Creek bars, Missouri river, Montana. This all American sapphire is bless with immaculate clarity and a cool, diamond-like effulgence due to an outstanding cut. Very sparkling indeed. And completely natural, as mother nature created it millions of years ago (cut & polish applied). Great price too.

Sensuous & scintillating, very well cut & clean, unheated, Ceylon, faint yellow sapphire. Rare hue.

$425/ct               $786/gem

Such a beautiful, lustrous, unheated sapphire this one. It weights 1.85 cts., very light, faint yellow (or yellow tinted white if you prefer), perfectly executed, oval "flower" cut, and measuring 7.79 x 6.50 x 4.30mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the gem fields of Kuruvita, cut & polished in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. An hybrid color in between a white and a yellow. Super sparkling oval with ideal cutting proportions, as clean as it gets, and very affordable. It will mount simply fabulous.  Why pay 4-5 times more for the same quality?. Unless your money grows on your backyard trees, no reason  at all. Be savvy, be smart.

Delightful, very well cut, unheated, Ceylon, color change pinkish-violet sapphire. Rare.


$408/ct               $400/gem

Simply an amiable, unheated, Ceylon "fancy" sapphire displaying a perfect cut. It weights 0.98 cts., pastel, pinkish-violet sapphire in daylight, changing to a steely pink in incandescent light, perfectly executed, "antique" cushion, "flower" cut, measuring 5.90 x 4.83 x 3.81mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the gem fields of Balangoda, Sri Lanka. We are the source for unheated, Ceylon fancy sapphires of superior cutting, clean clarity and natural, untampered colors. Start your collection today or have one or more set in one-of-a-kind jewels. These are destined to appreciate as time goes by. And remember, the more you buy, the more you save.

Amiable & sparkling, well cut & clean, unheated, Ceylon "fancy" sapphire. Beautiful.



$514/ct               $365/gem

A very crisp & amiably clean, unheated, Ceylon "fancy" sapphire, weighting 0.71 cts., pastel, bright, yellowish-greenish color, masterly executed, oval, "star" cut, 5.6x4.78x3.29mm, flawless clarity, IF-VVS1 from the gem fields of Marapana, Sri Lanka. Such a bright and crisp sapphire, with a soft, pastel greenish color. The cut is perfect as well, and the clarity as usual at its best. Overall, a beautiful Ceylon "fancy" sapphire that must be added to any serious colored stone collection. Did we mention it is unheated?...(like it is a new statement around here...).

Adorable & effulgent, very well cut, unheated, Ceylon yellow sapphire. Lively.



$418/ct             $485/gem

A beautiful, no heat, Ceylon yellow sapphire up for grasp. It weights 1.16 cts, medium, "lemon" yellow color, perfectly executed, oval, "flower" cut, measuring 7x5.78x3.68mm, eye flawless, VVS2 from the gem fields of Nivitigala, Sri Lanka. Exuding joyfulness, this unheated yellow is ideally cut. Great face with perfect scintillation, and exciting luster, it is offered at a very low price. Right now prices for Ceylon unheated yellows are very high and not destined to go lower either. A shimmering yellow at a very low price.

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