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Not only astrological gems and Jyotish talismans here at the Planetary Gems International Co. We have dedicated a page to other sites that we have found interesting, to say the least.... From gemological information through art and social issues, these sites have captivated us. Take few minutes to visit them.

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Otylia Wrzos - Tarot Cards and Numerology from Poland  

We love this artist. Sabina Nore.  Magical, spellbinding, sensual, a true feminine power. An absolute incredible being. If you get the chance, go and be with her during her worldwide tours. Priceless experience. offers Standard Yagyas and Vedic ceremonies for many different areas of life. Located in our town, Fairfield, Iowa. Nicole Van Ruiten is a friend and very soulful artist from Europe. Her work is very spontaneous, colorful and diverse, but personally I perceive a wholeness, an aim to unify all the contrasts and diversity we might experience, and sublimate them into a hopeful, and clearer present.  and  Alberto is a dear Italian-Canadian friend and talented painter that lives in Den Haag, Holland. We met in Verona in 1985, while he was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts. His impressionistic work is worth seeing. Images of the Nederland and Italy are my favorite. Ciao Alberto, continua cosi' vediamo presto! and is the web site & blog of a dear friend, Claudia N. Nolte, a Swiss painter located in California. Take a look at some of her fabled, exotic paintings. Worth a visit if you are an art lover. You can also order any of her paintings.

ICA (International Colored Gemstone Association): If you want to know more about the fascinating universe of colored gemstones...

Fieldgemology. A simply beautiful web site to visit for understanding more about the fascinating world of gemstones. As they say "From the gems external beauty to the intimate beauty of gemstone inclusions, from gem lore to the places, the people and the landscapes gems originate from".

Proud founding members of the PGA (Planetary Gemologists Association).

All Things Spiritual: Your gateway to spirituality on the internet.

Dirah Academy International:   Dirah Academy International: Everything you want to know about the Astrology of India: email courses (part of training program of American Council for Vedic Astrology), Vedic software, Vedic online bookstore and the Lunar Zodiac. here if you want to become a gemologist or to know plenty in the gemological field. If you are interested in the approach of physical healing through Yoga. If you are a Fairfield, IA resident (as we are) check this place out. I had my Business degree at this university. Probably the best, constructive time of my existence. Top notch, scholastic environment.


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