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Emerald Gemstone for Jyotish and Vedic Astrology

Emerald is the astrological, precious gemstone related to Mercury, which is the planet of intelligence, speech, communication, trade and commerce. It improves learning abilities, communication and clairvoyance and it is beneficial to the nervous system. Wearing an emerald of at least 1.5 carat is said to give good results in all the business and trade activities. It is ideal for people working with computers. It makes the wearer more focus in completing many tasks at once. And it will also make the wearer a very persuasive speaker. Emerald can be substituted with peridot, green tourmaline, or chrysoprase of at least 3 carats.
If you want to know more about the gemological, astrological and healing benefits of emeralds, click

Important: Important: The following pictures are highly magnified (30X) and do not show the gems' real size. Color and brilliance can greatly vary from computer to computer, depending on your monitor's settings. Color will also, naturally, vary from sunlight to indoor, incandescent light. Dark and lighter areas are effects from the digital camera. See description for accuracy on clarity grade, color and exact dimensions in mm
All Colombian emeralds are routinely treated with cedar wood oil and/or resins. It is assumed that our emeralds below are treated so (except when stated unoiled/untreated).

Just beautiful, Colombian, Muzo emerald and diamond "star" pendant. No reserve.




A most luscious 14K yellow gold "star" diamond pendant, 1.85 grams in gold weight and 7/8" long (including the bail, which will accommodate any size chain), featuring a most beautiful, with a true emerald color, Colombian emerald  weighing 0.79 cts., fine, medium-dark, summer green color, slightly bluish, perfectly executed, round,  mixed cut, measuring 6.02mm in diameter by 3.97mm deep, good transparent crystal, SI1 type3, from the world famous Muzo mine, Colombia. The "star" pendant has 0.33 cttw. total weight of single cut diamonds, VS-SIs in clarity and G-H in color (very white and eye clean), all micro pave set. What an elegant and unique diamond pendant with a most enthralling Colombian emerald round that is fantastic in color, clarity and eye appeal. And what a great price too. Intended for regular jewelry wear, not Jyotish.

Simply lovely, very clean with great color, Colombian emerald.





$1,009/ct      $1,100/gem

Do not judge from the very magnified pic. This is an eye clean Colombian emerald, It weighs 1.09 cts., medium to medium-dark, vivid, "summer" green color, well executed, oval, mixed cut, and measuring 7.00 x 5.73 x 4.53mm, very clean crystal, VVS2-VS1 in clarity, from the Totumos mine, Colombia. Awesome emerald with a great color and fine clarity. Like the rest of colored gemstones, now prices are very high. Yet, We are still the Jyotish dealers with the lowest wholesale prices. This is a great Colombian emerald, with very, very minor enhancement to nil, surely to make an auspicious Vedic talisman of sweet beauty.

Very beautiful, large size, Colombian emerald cabochon. Great buy.


$191/ct           $1,180/gem

A very beautiful, and large faced, Colombian emerald cabochon, weighing 6.15 carats, medium, "spring" green color, slightly bluish in undertone, perfectly executed, elongated, oval cabochon cut, and measuring 14.58 x 9.22 x 6.80mm, very good translucency, SI1, from La Pita mine, Colombia. Great face and super pleasing look Colombian emerald cabochon, with excellent translucency and an appealing medium spring green color. Will set perfectly luscious and royal in any setting you are thinking of.  

Utterly unique, 14KY gold, Mercury pendant  with oval shape, Colombian emerald.



Our signature, the spiral, 18K yellow gold, Mercury Jyotish pendant, featuring a Colombian emerald, weighing 1.27 cts., medium, vivid, very slightly bluish, "summer" green color, perfectly executed, oval, mixed cut, and measuring 8.04 x 6.01 x 5.07mm, very clean crystal, VS1 type3 in clarity, eye clean, from La Pita mine, Colombia. La Pita mine is probably the most prolific of all emerald mines in Colombia. A lot of emeralds on the market are mined in its underground tunnels. And it produces all sort of qualities, from the "murralla", or opaque low qualities, to the finest, clean & top color qualities. This one does not need comments. Great stone, super clean, great color, gorgeous pendant.

Adorably luscious, excellent color,  cut for large appearance, Colombian emerald.



A very luscious, with an exalted color, Colombian emerald, this one hailing from La Pita mine, and weighing 3.11 cts., medium to medium-dark, vivid & saturated, bluish, rich "summer" green color, very well executed, cut for large appearance, oval, mixed cut, and measuring 10.72 x 9.07 x 5.70mm, very clean crystal, VS1 in clarity type3, from La Pita mine, Colombia. Absolutely gorgeous, with a face, or visual dimensions of a 4 to 4.5 carats stone, this is an emerald displaying a striking eye appeal and exotic character. Great stone, will mount splendid in any setting.

Beautifully imposing, well cut drop, super clean with good color,  Colombian emerald.


$1,261/ct       $2,650/gem

Exotic, surely beautiful, Colombian emerald, weighing 2.10 cts., medium, vivid, rich "spring green color, perfectly executed, drop shape, mixed cut, and measuring 8.96 x 7.34 x 6.36mm, facing up eye clean, VS1 in clarity type3, from the Totumos mine, Colombia. With Colombian emeralds prices skyrocketing in any grade, this very clean, more, eye clean, luscious, and lustrous Colombian emerald is surely a great stone. Offered at a great price here. Will make a gorgeous ring or pendant, any style, but a 18K yellow gold a must. We, as all Colombian goldsmiths, will refuse to set it in anything less than 18K yellow gold.

Perfectly cut, super clean with eye flawless clarity, definitely beautiful, untreated, Colombian emerald



A real pristine, super clean, and very lustrous, guaranteed unoiled, Colombian emerald  weighing  0.99 cts., medium-light, rich "spring green color, very well executed, emerald cut with fancy pavilion, and measuring 6.44 x 4.92 x 4.90mm, completely eye flawless, VVS2 in clarity, type3 gemstone, from the famous Chivor mine, Colombia. A very pure in its look and feel, super clean Colombian emerald that delivers a great and lively light return due to the fancy pavilion. Real, real nice that is sure to make an unique and very lovely jewel to please your eyes and raise the spirit. A rare Colombian, unoiled emerald.

Admiringly luscious, well cut and with great life, very clean,  Colombian emerald.



A very beautiful, definitely striking Colombian emerald, weighing 2.44 cts., medium to medium-dark, vivid, "spring" green color, very slightly yellowish, masterly executed, antique cushion, mixed cut, measuring 8.21 x 7.68 x 6.38mm, good crystal with good clarity, VS2-SI1 typ3 gemstone, from the Coscuez mine, Colombia. Great emerald, of good size, beautiful color and luscious character. See it in incandescent light to see the color deepen to reach a true emerald color. Great stone, very natural, with only minor/negligent cedar wood oiling applied. 

Super clean, well shaped and real nice, Colombian emerald sugar loaf cabochon.




Uniquely beautiful and super clean Colombian emerald cabochon, this one weighing 2.00 cts., medium, rich, "spring" green color, well executed, cabochon sugar loaf cut, and measuring 8.19 x 6.60 x 4.90mm, absolutely eye clean, very clear crystal, VVS2 in clarity, type 3 gemstone, from the Coscuez mine, Colombia. A beautiful and super clean Colombian emerald that will be very benevolent to propitiate Mercury for astrological use. The shape is great as well, and can be used for either a pendant or an unique ring. And, this is a double cabochon, it means, it can be set in both ways, (or with a switchable mechanism), or from top or from bottom. Very nice emerald.

Very sweet, super clean and well cut,  Chivor Colombian emerald.



$876/ct          $1,350/gem

If you want a Mercury stone that is really beautiful and surely auspicious, consider this Chivor, Colombian emerald, weighing 1.54 cts., medium (to medium-light), slightly bluish, "verde agua" green color, perfectly executed, oval, mixed cut, and measuring 8.19 x 6.60 x 4.90mm, super clean crystal and eye flawless, VVS2 in clarity, type 3 gemstone, from the famous Chivor mine, Colombia. The pic does not do any justice to this very beautiful, perfectly cut and clean Chivor emerald. Sure to mount exquisite in any setting you will choose. Bought it well from a friend this past July 2017, that I met many years ago, a true Esmeraldero having quality stones at great prices.

Luscious, super clean and with awesome color, Colombian emerald.


$836/ct              $995/gem

Alluring Colombian emerald, weighing 1.19 cts., medium to medium-dark, vivid, very slightly bluish, "summer" green color, very well executed, marquise, mixed cut shape, and measuring 13.08 x 4.87 x 3.37mm, very clean crystal, VS1 type3 from La Pita mine, Colombia. Beautiful emerald with luscious color and fine clarity. Great cutting as well, a marquise, mixed cut shape that is simply unique and enthralling. We are direct importers, so rest assured our prices cannot be beaten for the quality offered. Let us make a beautiful and unique jewel for this beautiful Colombian emerald. We will not disappoint you with our custom jewels.

Eye flawless, perfect, classic emerald cut, unoiled Colombian emerald. Rare.



$979/ct           $1,430/gem

A rare, unoiled, completely eye clean, Colombian emerald, weighing 1.46 cts., medium-light, very slightly bluish, "verde agua" green color, masterly executed, classic, emerald, step cut, and measuring 7.21 x 6.54 x 4.48mm, eye clean, super clean crystal and eye flawless, VVS2 in clarity, type 3 gemstone, from the famous Chivor mine, Colombia. The Chivor mine is also very famous in the emerald trade, because it produces very clean and compact crystals, with beautiful, and a definite bluish undertone. They required very little to no treatment. Guaranteed unoiled. A most auspicious Mercury, Jyotish emerald.

Sparkling, rare round shape, very clean, Colombian emerald.



$654/ct            $700/gem

Round emeralds have a special allure. This Colombian emerald weights 1.07 cts., medium, slightly bluish, "verde agua" green color, well executed, round mixed cut, and measuring 7.03mm in diameter x 4.24mm deep, very clean crystal, VS1 type3 from the famous Chivor mine, Colombia. Real nice Colombian emerald with a rare round shape, crystal clean clarity and the unique, bluish-green hue characteristic of the Chivor mine. At 7mm in diameter this emerald is guaranteed to set very well in anything you think of. Great price too.

Super clean and with beautiful color, uniquely cut, Colombian emerald.


$903/ct             $750/gem

Awesome Colombian emerald this one, It weights 0.83 cts.,  medium-dark, vivid, very slightly bluish, "summer" green color, very well executed, marquise, mixed cut shape, and measuring 11.68 x 4.22 x 3.2mm, eye clean, VS1 type3 from the Totumos mine, Colombia. Have it set in our signature granulated pendants or rings and see what very little money can do. Emeralds when set in high carat yellow gold just flourish tenfold like no other colored gemstone. Absolutely luscious, clean and definitely exotic.

Seductive, beautiful antique cushion shaped, Colombian emerald.



Fresh from our last trip to the beautiful land of Colombia, comes this Colombian emerald, weighting 1.28 cts., medium, rich, very slightly bluish, "spring green" color, well executed, antique, square, mixed cut cushion, and measuring 7.00 x 6.50 x 4.51mm, very clean crystal, eye clean to eye cleanish, VS1 type3, from the Cunas mine, Muzo, Colombia.  All Colombian emeralds are routinely treated with cedar wood oil and/or resins in the rough. It is assumed that the emeralds listed here are treated so (except when stated untreated, and we have them...stay tuned).

Very elegant & unique, Spanish style,  18KY gold, Colombian emerald cross. Really beautiful.


Another beautiful, 18KY gold emerald cross, this time mounting 6, beautiful emerald cuts, Colombian emeralds, forming the cross design and 1smaller emerald on the bail, all stones are bezel set, with a total weight of approx. 2.75 cts.. The color is medium-dark, intense green, slightly bluish, all eye clean, from the famous Muzo mine, Boyaca' District, Colombia. This cross is just a fraction smaller than its brother with pear shapes emerald below left..., measuring 1 1/2" in length and 1" wide. It wears simply gorgeous. Great quality, this one is under priced and has no reserve. Stones do not touch the skin, intended for jewelry wear only.

Very elegant & unique, Spanish style,  18KY gold, Colombian emerald cross. Really beautiful.


Exotic, 18KY gold, Colombian emerald cross, designed & crafted in Medellin, Colombia, in the typical religious style found in central & south America, mounting 6 gorgeous pear shapes, Colombian emeralds forming the cross design and 1smaller emerald on the bail, all bezel set. The cross itself measures a bit over 1 1/2" (inches) in length and 1" wide. Estimated total weight of emeralds around 2.5-2.75 cts., top, medium-dark, intense green, very slightly bluish, eye clean from Muzo, Boyaca' District, Colombia. Truly a great piece, with quality, dark green emerald, and at a give-away price.Stones do not touch the skin, intended for jewelry wear only.

Modern and elegant, 14KY gold, 3-gems, Colombian emerald pendant.



 A real nice, well crafted and substantial 14K yellow gold pendant, 5.5 grams in gold, mounting three, completely eye flawless, Colombian emeralds, 0.65 ct. total weight, medium to medium-dark, intense, "glowing" green, slightly bluish, 3.6mm round, diamond cut (very difficult to get eye clean/diamond cut emeralds!), from the Chivor mine, Colombia. The pendant is 1" long and 1/4" wide and has a hidden bail. Wear it anytime, anywhere, this very wearable jewel is guaranteed to please the eye and uplift your spirit. Well priced, considering that $695 will buy only the heavy gold setting anywhere else. Stones do not touch the skin, intended for jewelry wear.

Quick facts

Viewing emeralds the correct way.
1- We have been asked many times how to view correctly emeralds.  In a gem box, an emerald will never display its full potential look. The pic above shows the right way to view an emerald, and see its closest, natural appearance once the stone will be set in a ring or a pendant. Just hold it in between your finger as shown. Having an incandescent light source on in the room, will help also to see the color and brilliance in indoor environment.

2- Colombian emeralds will flourish when set in high karat yellow gold (As a matter of fact, in Colombia, goldsmiths will refuse to set any emerald in white gold.). In 18K high carat gold, emeralds will just beautify their appearance tenfold. No other colored stone will flourish so much, when set in a high karat yellow gold setting like an emerald does.

Emerald Jewelry Care
1- DO NOT USE ANY ULTRASONIC CLEANER OR STEAMER when you set or clean your emerald. Ask the jeweler that will set your emerald, not to use the buffing wheel to polish the ring or pendant, once the stone is set. The setting should be high polish before setting the emerald. Once the stone is set, the jeweler should just polish the prongs or bezel with the hand piece, without going over the stone in any way. Avoid rapid temperature changes and high heat sources.

2- Clean your emerald periodically (when it is less lively and sparkling) with cold water and a mild soap. Perform this operation with the help of a soft toothbrush. Clean it well, rinse it and dry it. Avoid rapid temperature changes and high heat.

- Emerald is a hard gem, which is however brittle. Make sure to remove your emerald ring before any heavy activities such as washing dishes by hand, or working with tools. A hard knock can break your emerald.

Luscious, finest emerald color, transparent with good clarity, probably unoiled Zambian emerald, free form cabochon.



Gorgeous emerald and a true bargain. A super luscious, richly colored, most likely unoiled or at least a very negligent "baby" oiling, Zambian emerald, weighing 4.11 cts., fine. deep "forest" green color, very slightly bluish, well executed, free form cabochon, measuring 11.18 x 7.51 x 6.47mm, very clean crystal, VS1 type3 in clarity, from the Zambian emerald mines, Southern Africa. Absolutely beautiful color and excellent clarity, exotic presence, this is ideal for an one-of-a-kind jewel, or just add it to your collection. Offered at a great price for this quality.

The emerald gemstone remains one of the most popular gems today and is one of the rarest and most valuable precious stones. It is important to know that all emeralds have inclusions and there is no such thing as a flawless emerald. Our yearly trip to Colombia allow us to hand picked, vibrant and beautiful Colombian emeralds at prices that nobody can beat. See the

Colombia's Emeralds Gem Buying Photos


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