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Pearl Gemstones for Jyotish, Vedic Astrology & Ayurveda

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Pearl is the astrological, Jyotish gem related to the Moon, which symbolizes our subconscious mind, habits, feelings, moods, instincts, reflections, and aspirations. It is associated with the mother and childhood and it rules peace of mind, comforts and the general well-being and fortune of a person. It is the most effective & renowned Jyotish gemstone against all kind of viruses and bacteria. Wearing a pearl of at least 4 carats is said to bring serenity, fortune, recognition and fame to its wearer. It can be beneficial to any disease of the breast and brain as well. Pearl can be substituted with moonstone of at least 3-4 carats.

                                                                                 Pearl Gemstone Benefits

Important: The following pictures are highly magnified (30X) and do not show the gems' real size.  Color and brilliance can greatly vary from computer to computer, depending on your monitor's settings.  Color will also, naturally, vary from sunlight to indoor lighting and other light sources.
Dark and lighter areas are effects from the digital camera. See description for accuracy on clarity grade, color and exact dimensions in mm.

Soothing & calming, finest, no nucleus, Jyotish quality pearls from 6 to 12 cts.. Superb quality, white, completely round, unblemished.



We have many of these fine quality, big size, natural freshwater, tissue nucleated pearls (100% all nacre) at excellent prices. These are the very best in quality, super sizes from 6 to 12+ carats, round, with flawless skin and great luster. Truly magical pearls and very hard-to-get. Inquire about specifics on individual pearls. Price range from $250 and up, depending on size/whiteness/flawlessness of pearl. We will post them individually, however, you can send us an email and inquire about them here and we will send you a list of pearls available and pricing. We have many of these beautiful, natural freshwater pearls, so do not hesitate here.

Spiritually compelling, sturdy & well crafted, silver-platinum, pearl pendant.




We love this pendant style, and we think it is best for gents, while the one below, the swirl cage, more of a delicate and unique look, it is very successful and preferred with females. The tissue nucleated pearl (100% nacre, no nucleus)  weighs a great 9.20 cts, white in color with clean skin & good luster luster, round & measuring 11mm in diameter. It is set in a not tarnishing, silver-platinum alloy, solid crown pendant. Gorgeous to look at & modern in feel, very sturdy & secure, can accommodate any size chain and possessing a charismatic energy. Can set any pearl we carry in this design. A good Jyotish pearl is the most effective Jyotish gemstone against all kind of viruses and bacteria.


Auspicious, large size, near perfection, natural light yellow, South Sea, "swirl cage" pearl pendant




We have been lucky to obtain a nice parcel of natural color, South Sea pearls from our pearl farmer in Asia. They are all in different shades of light yellow. This is the biggest of the parcel. A staggering 19.25 cts., light yellow color, (natural, not dyed color.), perfect 14mm round round, with good skin & luster, from the Philippines sea. It is set in a (not tarnishing) silver-platinum alloy, "swirled cage" pendant setting.  Impressive size, this is a gorgeous, sturdy & auspicious pearl pendant that will attract the benevolence of the Moon. Price is well below wholesale. Do not hesitate on this one. Very beautiful to wear and destined to a very special person.

Elegant, definitely auspicious, Moon, astrological, Jyotish "swirl cage" pearl pendant.

By popular demand, we are happy to introduce this beautiful, "moon" talismanic, Vedic pearl pendant, featuring a very fine freshwater, tissue nucleated pearl weighting 8.22 cts., white in color, measuring 10.5mm in diameter, unblemished with perfect skin & good luster, set in silver-platinum alloy, "swirl cage" pendant setting. It exudes a sense of peacefulness and calming feeling, and it is well crafted and very secured in an unique Jyotish setting. For enhancing the power of Chandra. Real nice, at a great price & ready-to-go. This size & quality is rare. Great price here.


Behold the power of the Moon. Alluring 14KW gold, with natural, freshwater pearl. Simply a beautiful jewel.



Alluring 14K white gold, astrological Jyotish talismanic pearl pendant, featuring a natural, 100% nacre, freshwater pearl (tissue nucleated), weighting a whopping 8.31 cts., top, finest white, 10.8mm perfectly round, with unblemished skin and good luster, from unknown river/lake, mainland China. Simply put, this size is very difficult to obtain, and a perfection like this account for a mere 1% of all the pearls harvested. The pearl is set in a very beautiful "crown" setting in 14K white gold with rhodium finish. Click to see another view of pendant.  A ready-to-go Jyotish pendant priced very well.

One-of-a-kind, rhodium over silver, "moon lotus" golden South Sea pearl talisman.



A well crafted, "Lotus" pearl talisman, rhodium finish over sterling silver,  featuring a natural golden South Sea pearl, weighing 8.10 cts., intense golden, natural color (not dyed), measuring 10.5mm round, with strong luster and good clean skin, from the Philippines sea. Our popular and unique, Lotus pendant that is very versatile yet elegant and of course auspicious to harness the favors of the Moon.

Pearl is the most valued of the organic gemstones and it is considered the oldest known gem. In Vedic astrology, the moon, occupies a central role in the solar system and in our physiology. This influence is represented by the hypothalamus in our physiology which controls our behavior, our emotions, our hormonal and reproductive cycles and our body temperature. It nourishes the physiology like a mother or queen and occupies a central place in the centre of the brain with the thalamus.

Look for full nacre, 100% pearl that is round, smooth, glowing and radiant.  Jyotish Pearl Types

Pearl Jewelry Care
Pearls are resilient and meant to be worn, but they also delicate and require proper care.

1- Never clean your pearl talismans in an ultrasonic & steam cleaners. Never use detergent or bleaches or baking soda or ammonia based products.

2- Preferably, take your pearl jewel off during showers and baths.

3-Overtime, dirt will be deposited in the space between the pearl surface and the metal of your piece. We recommend
a jewelry cleaner solution for "delicate gems"
  ( for pearls, opals, corals, turquoise & onyx jewelry).  You can find it in major chain shops such Wal-Mart and Kmart or at Amazon

4- Just put your ring or pendant in inside tray of container. Dip it in solution and leave it 1 minutes. The metals will get brighter right away. Take the pendant or ring out and pick it with your fingers. Use the plastic brush included (it will not scratch your pearl), and brush thoroughly the whole talisman. Do this over the opening of container, and dip your brush inside to wet it. Brush well in between metal & pearl surface. Dip it in solution for a rinse 1 minute, dry the jewel with paper towel. And voila', your talisman will be like new again.

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