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FAQ about Jyotish Vedic Gemstones | The Planetary Gems International Co.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Q: - I definitely would like to use my astrological, Jyotish Vedic Gems, but I don't know which ones are right for me. As per the readings through your site, I assume that they are gems chosen based upon a person's zodiacal sign or something like that. How can I know the right Planetary Gems for me?

A: - Planetary Jyotish Gemstones are not chosen on the basis of an individual's zodiacal sign (commercial "birthstones" system). A much deeper and scientific knowledge provides the fundamentals for the use of Planetary Jyotish Gems for individuals. This knowledge is called Vedic Astrology and to know which of the nine Planetary Jyotish Gems you need, we have to calculate your astrological, sideral birth-chart. Knowing your Jyotish gems is one of the services that we provide. We both, Rudy and I, after many years of studying Vedic astrology, are able to interpret your Jyotish chart and recommend the right gemstones to wear. Many of you already know their Jyotish gems from a previous Vedic consultation. You are always welcome to call us to select your prescribed Planetary Jyotish Gems.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes)Q: - What is the difference between astrological Jyotish Gems and the gems that are sold in jewelry stores? Are not they the same?

A: - No, they are not the same. Planetary Jyotish Gemstones have to be unheated, untreated and undyed in any way. Nowadays, 98% of the traditional market gemstones are subjected to treatments, which include color enhancing by heat, radiations or diffusion, dyeing and fracture filling for cosmetic improvement. Untreated gemstone are rarer and of higher quality than the gemstones you will find at your average, local jewelry store.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes)Q: - If these gemstones are of higher quality, do I have to pay a premium for such gems?

A: - You have come to the right place for this answer. No, not here. Our prices are strictly wholesale. In addition to provide astrological, untreated, natural gemstones to people, our other clientele consists of some jewelry stores and dealers. Some internet sites selling gemstones also purchase from us. We travel directly, yearly, to Sri Lanka for untreated sapphires, cat's eyes, hessonites, spinels, to Thailand for rubies, to Colombia for emeralds, to Torre del Greco (Italy) for coral, to mainland China for tissue nucleated pearls. We have established the best, overseas contacts in terms of fine quality combined with best prices. And we are proud of this! To go more in depth about valuing a gemstones, see the quality and value of gemstones page and how combinations of the 4 C's ( COLOR, CLARITY, CUT, and CARAT weight ) determine the market value.

We offer the best quality for your money. Guaranteed 100%.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Q: - Why prices can vary so much? I have found some similar gems at a considerably higher or lower prices. Why is that?

A: - The price of a gemstone of similar variety can vary considerably for a number of reasons. First, we should compares apples to apples. We have to compares two stones of the same variety, same color hue and carat weight range. Treatments or no treatments as well. When the right comparison is there, then, the main factors of a substantial price difference might be the following (not necessarily in this order):

1- Overheads of sellers. If a seller has huge overheads (many employees, huge rental space, etc.) prices will be much higher. At that point, you do not pay anymore the real value of the stone, but you pay him to stay in business.

2- Where the stone was bought (*at origin, or **from a dealer, who bough them at origin and imported, or ***from a dealer, who bought them from another dealer, after being imported, **** from a averagely priced retailer, ***** from a very expensive retailer). The more a stone changes hands, the higher the price. We have many gemstones web sites, jewelry stores, wholesale dealers as our customers. We buy our stones at the origin,  then we import them here in USA, and we sell to anyone for the same price.

3- How the stone was bought. Usually if we buy in parcels,, the average cost per stone is lower, so we can pass the savings and sell them  even at lower prices. Knowing the exact value/price of a gemstone is also of fundamental importance.

4- From who you bought the stone. Even at origin, some cutters/dealers are known to have higher price than others (for the same quality). And so, along the passing hands chain.

5- When you bought the stone. Certain time of the year, stones at origin are less plentiful (rainy or winter season), so expect to pay more.
Or when availability is scarce (again because of season or because no finds in the ground).

6- Buyer beware that 99% of sellers hide behind their "you get what you pay for" lie. A smart and alert buyer, even acknowledging that it is true, knows that some, fewer business people are more ethical than others in choosing, representing and selling their products. Do not get fool by "if it is more expensive, it must be of higher quality". Get more knowledge and more prices of what you intend to buy.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes)Q: - Are Planetary Jyotish Gems really powerful?

A - Based on our own experience and the experience of our customers, a Planetary Jyotish Gem can really transform your life. An evolutive energy will enter your life in such way that all your thoughts, actions and achievements will be maximize. The natural result will be greater happiness, satisfaction and more support of natural law (good luck) in your life.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Q: - I have never done this before; How can I purchase gems through the web? What if I am in Europe or Asia or Australia?

A - It's all very simple. You can purchase your chosen gem(s) from the comfort of your home through our secure, encrypted, on-line order page. In each gemstones page, there is an "order now" button for easy purchase. That is it. Do not worry. The purchase system is very secure! 
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, personal checks, bank drafts and money orders in US dollars.  We send by insured mail, registered mail, FedEx or Express Mail, insured for the full value within the USA.  For countries outside the USA, we send International Express Mail insured for the full value. You have 7 days trial period. For Overseas orders, we are more flexible if that is the case. Usually our customers get back to us within 2-3 days with a complete satisfactory answer.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes)Q: - I don't know my birth time. Is there any gem or good luck charm that I can wear?

A - Yes. There is a talisman that everyone can and should wear. This is the nine gems talisman or Navaratna. During the past Vedic civilization, kings, queens and high priests have been worn this beautiful jewel to achieve personal success and divine leadership. Nowadays, many people that are already wearing their personalized Jyotish gems, use the Navaratna to maximize more their energy fields and achieve more happiness and success in their daily life.

The Navaratna can be worn by everyone, regardless race, gender, age, religious tendency or social status. Combining the gemstones representing each of the nine planets in Vedic astrology, the Navaratna is considered the king of talismans capable of drawing good fortune and auspicity through its favorable influence on the planetary energies.

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