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The Planetary Gems International Co. Unsolicited Testimonials

Unlike most sites where reviews are mostly bought and/or made up, the ones below are real, unsolicited emails written back to us. The Planetary Gem International Co. is the gold standard in Vedic gemology and quality astrological gemstones and sheer planetary talismans, at the most competitive prices anywhere, a fact proven by the countless of satisfied, worldwide customers during the years.  And we thank all of you, for the divine privilege and joy of being of service.

Hello Rudy!! 
Good afternoon. 
Rudy.. I wanted to write to say thank you for the wonderful ring!!! Its absolutely beautiful.. magical I would say 😍 ! Felt very calm after looking at it. The ring setting is so beautiful and unique. Thank you for the amazing design. The only hard part is having to wait until Saturday evening to wear it 😂  Thank you Rudy!! 
Will be coming back to you for more 😆😆  Hopefully soon! 
Kind Regards 
Y.C.B., TX

Hi Rudy, Thank you, I am thrilled that it will be here so soon!  I will definitely let you know when I get it and how I like it. Thank you for your help and clear communication. This has been a great experience. Blessings,

S.L.F., IN


Good morning Rudy!  I confirm receipt of the pendant, it is very beautiful!  Thank you very much for your work!  Cheers!

T.R., BR

Hi Rudy, I just wanted to let you know that the pearl and red coral arrived safely and both are so beautiful! I am so grateful I found you and I am your loyal customer for life. Thank you again :) :) :)

C.C., CA

Hi Rudy,   I received the ring. Its beautiful. Thank you.

N.R., MD

Hi Rudy, I received the package. It's gorgeous ! Thank you so much !  I'll put it on starting tomorrow, Venus day :-)

All the best,

D.A., VA

Hi Rudy, The pendant is gorgeous! I can't wait to put it on! I love the work that you do!...I forgot it mention, the pendant is huge! 
Wow! It's so stunning! The color is amazing! I can tell by looking at it that it brings a great spiritual energy.  Sincerely,
M.M., San Francisco

I'm sorry I should have gotten back to you earlier. Yes the ring is gorgeous. Thank you!


Hi Rudy...I opened the package when I returned and was very pleased with the pendant, which I will start wearing on Wednesday.
It really is very beautiful, as you said it would be. Also, thank you again for fixing the ring. I will be passing it back to my friend
when I next see him, with your advice. It was a blessing, the day I found your web site. Thank you so much, Regards

C.B., UK

IT'S HERE IT'S HERE! and it is gorgeous!! Eventhough the description has it's dimension it sure looks bigger than I expected! 
Totally in ❤❤❤❤❤. Thank you so much again for letting me put this on hold for so long!

When my ruby aka fortune stone brings more fortune you will definitely hear from me again And let's hope Australian economy recovers soon😅
Until then take care!

p.s.I hope the funds has reached your end without issues?


K.S., AU

Thank you so much for a perfect ring Rudy! Love it!

L.C., Hong Kong

Hello Rudy, You probably heard, I've got the ring today. It is very beautiful, especially the stone - I like it very much :-)
Thank you! I wish you all the best!

E.S., Zrenjanin, Serbia

Dear Rudy, I did get my Beautiful Ring Today (Wednesday).
I called you to say how pleased I was to have this as part of my Jasna Collection. Hope your Day is as Beautiful as the Sparkle from my lovely ring.

C.W., Phoenix, AZ

Hi Rudy, Received the ring this morning and will wear it tomorrow as it is Tuesday. Superb....really beautiful. Thanks a lot for this.
I will be back for more for sure.  Regards

D.N., Muscat, Oman

Hi Rudy, It's beautiful! I can't believe the tiny intricate pattern you so beautifully crafted. Thank you! 
C.L., PA

Rudy, I received the pendant today. It is brilliant and beautiful. I thank you again so very much.

R. P., CA

Hi Rudy, It arrived and it looks excellent..  thank you so much.
T.S., Portland, OR

Hi Rudy, Just to let you know that I got the blue sapphire. I like it so much!! Mirjana is very nice women.☺.

Thank you very much!


D., Belgrade, Serbia

Hi Rudy! My ring arrived just a few minutes ago. It is beautiful! Fits perfectly. I will contain myself and wait until next week to start wearing it. I will put the balance into the mail first thing in the morning. Thank you so much!!

Best wishes, Cath, Las Vegas

Good Morning Rudy, I received the ring. It is indeed beautiful. I have not tried it on yet. I plan to wait until Thursday as suggested.

But it looks beautiful. The beads are understated and I thought they would be overwhelming.

Thanks, again. 

Pleasure working with you.

Regards, S.V, NY

Hi Rudy, Received today with thanks!! Timing was great. Thanks for the well wishes. Peace,


Dear Rudy, I trust you are safe and enjoying your time in Asia :). Just a note to say I got my ring — and I totally LOVE it! The design is gorgeous- lotus petals underneath:). Thank you for your creativity:). Have joyful, peaceful end to the year:). With warmth,
.R, UK

Hi Rudy, Hope all well. Victoria has received her ring and says it looks amazing and she likes it a lot!
Thank you very much! :)  Kind regards,
T.K, Moscow, Russia

I have received the ring. Love it. It is gorgeous. Thank you so much! With love & in light,
L.C., CA

Hi Rudy, The Peridot arrived today safely. It is absolutely ravishing. Thank you Rudy, you never disappoint!

With Respect & Gratitude,
J.D., AU

Dear Rudy, Gems received! Thank you. Each of them is very beautiful and satisfactory for my taste and requirements. Thank you very much, Rudy. Please confirm when you receive the check. With best wishes,

B.L., WV

I received the pendant today.  Its lovely, thank you....i will put it on sat at sunset, and chant as suggested.  Thank you!

K.K., MI

Hello Rudi, How are you? Hope all is well.

This is S.. I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner, but things were hectic. I received the package on Thursday, before 1pm. It is a beautiful ring. My mother and I couldn't stop looking at it or talking about how beautiful it is. I put it on Thursday at sunset. It looks great.

I cannot thank you enough for all you did through the entire purchasing process. From picking the right stone, giving me the same price as the stone I had originally picked and helping me pick the right design, I truly appreciated your patience and guidance through the entire process. And it all paid off with a beautiful ring that I still can't believe is mine and looks so good.

Have a great day!


Thanks so much again,
S.B., MD 

Buongiorno Rudy, La perla arrivata ed molto bella. La nostra situazione si va lentamente normalizzando, la ringrazio per il suo interesse, molto gentile. Le faccio i miei migliori auguri per il suo bussiness e per un buon proseguimento. Un caro saluto,

P.P., Italy

Beautiful, Rudy! Check is mailed today. 
G.K., Bellevue, WA

Rudy, Chris LOVED the ring. He says the energy is amazing, he can feel it 
very powerfully. Thank you very, very much. Kind regards,
S.Z. Switzerland

Hi Rudy 
I have received the ring today.The size is perfect and the ring is very nice. I'm very happy with the service. Thank you very much.
A.K., Auckland, NZ

Hi Rudy, I received my beautiful blue sapphire ring.  I am very happy with it and will use great self control to wait until Saturday sunset to wear it.
I am going to mail the check now. Thank you

Dear Rudy, I today received the EXQUISITE ring you created. I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you so so much. Thank you too for the sacred institutions. I shall ceremonially place it on my left index finger chanting the 
Guru mantra on Thursday at sunset. And again will do the officially ceremony on 20th Feb which is the actual day of transition:). I will make the payment to your Paypal account tomorrow. I will certainly be wanting another of your beautiful creations - the garnet ring for my ring finger on left hand. I will wait until funds are more available to properly order. Your work has blown me away. I feel so grateful:). I shall be spreading your name and good deeds to all in European lands:).  With much warmth and gratitude,

E.R., UK

Hi Rudy, The ring arrived today. I love it! It's very special - Thank you! Best wishes,

N.B., AU

Dear Rudy, The stone was well received (I just got it today). It's beautiful! Thank you! Already thinking about the next one :-) Best wishes,

P.B. South Africa

The most honest and accommodating people, quality sapphires and emeralds, amazing craftsmanship, very satisfied. I will be back!

J.C., Washington DC

Hi Rudy, The Coral Pendant has arrived today safely - Thank You.
It is gorgeous. Thanks mate! - Jonathan


Hi Rudy, It arrived last night and of course is absolutely brilliant. Thank you for your craftsmanship. 



Your delivery never disappoints me ❤it's totally mesmerizing and has very warm vibe to it.

thank you so much and no doubt we'll be in touch again...after i find more excuses to buy again for myself🙈

.S., AU

O Rudy. The pieces are beautiful. Both of them. Appreciate your instructions on the first-time wearing -- as well as on cleaning. The delivery was today through support of the Universe. I was not sure I could be home & could only reserve an evening delivery so had instructed them to come Friday between Noon & 2pm.

Instead Fed Ex collapsed the instructions & came today at that time! So voila!! our super secure packaging almost had me calling the Fire Dept to get to the treasures inside!! O my!

The person who did my jyotish said the pearl should first worn during the waxing moon time. Since our next Monday is that crazy, jyotish inauspicious eclipse of a full moon, I think will wait until Monday the 28th of August when it is safely waxing! I have a platinum chain for wearing it & it is all ready for its first wearing.

And, although I did not "wear" the sapphire, I did try the ring on for fit. It is Perfect! Looks like it belongs on my hand. I remember sizing was a sweet concern of yours. Slides on easily and not a bit of twist! You were so right about the setting. Am excited to wear it tomorrow at sunset. It is a beautiful stone with a quiet, deep, mysterious light. Wonderful choice. I knew to trust you.

Thank you for your good wishes for TTC. I do feel blessed to be able to experience it. Your work will be part of my support system.

And blessings for oceans of peace for you and your family will be in my intentions every day.

Good luck in your travels. Am certain to be in touch upon my return.

Saludos & Jai Guru Dev ~ M.V., NY

Hi Rudi The ring arrived a couple of days ago, and just like the other one is stunning. Thank you so much for this 
amazing work. as before I have no doubt that i will be ordering more rings from you in the future. 
Enjoy your holiday in italy
With gratitude

C.B., UK

Hi Rudi, Thank you sooooo much. The ring arrived 30 mins before the puja was to start, and I was able to include it into the ayusha homa puja, which uses the ayusha  sukta from the yajur veda. One of the slokas asks fro blessing from Lord Surya for health and long life, so I was able to give the ring at that point. The ring is beautiful and everything I expected. I will definitely over from you again. With gratitude,


I received it this past weekend.  It's lovely.  Thank you!


The sapphire has been delivered. It is very pretty. Thank you. Cant wait to have it set.

N.R., FL

Hello Rudy, Thanks for your email and kind arrangement on the shipment. I have it now and ware it close to my heart.  It is lovely and so delicate :) I have feelings when I 1st hold it, not quite sure how to describe using accurate words. Definitely positive and loving and happiness and excitement of having it with me :) Thanks Rudy and wish you happy and joyful everyday  :)   Regards

Y.C., AU

Hello Rudy. Our ring arrived today. It was beautifully wrapped and boxed.
It is lovely. We are getting to know one another. Thank you for assisting me through this endeavor. 
J. N., BC, CA

GOT IT TONITE!!! LOVE IT:::))) Thank you so much Rudy...I can't tell you how much I appreciate you, my stones and the beautiful job you did on this ring!!!! Just gorgeous!!! I will put on my ring finger on Sunday!!! Jai Guru Dev,

G.W., NJ

Hi Rudy, the rings arrived today and they are quite beautiful. Thank you for the time and detail you put into them, and to furthering the art of Jyotish. I'll look forward to working with you on my next piece. 

Blessings, R.S., HI

Hi Rudy, Good Afternoon!  Hope you are doing well.  Received the ring....It is absolutely gorgeous and stunning.  I am very impressed.........turned out great.......I'm excited to wear it tomorrow.....I'll keep you  post it on the positive effects.... ..!!!!  Also, the packaging was beautiful...........I'm very pleased with it.....   Again, thank you for all your help.  Enjoy Week and Weekend!!!   Best,


Hi Rudy, I got it today on a Moon day right before Moon hora 13-14 :) The pendant looks great, thank you very much!!! Until the next gemstone...

Best, M.R., Dubai, UAE

Hi Rudy, Sorry for not writing immediately but I wanted to wait until I had some quite time to let you know that I received the package on
Monday 16th and I opened it late in the evening when my day was finally over to find... an exquisite Navratna! Hard to find the words without
sounding like I am exaggerating but it is just so beautifully made and seems to me to have a "character". Just holding the Navratna I felt a warmth from it which I never get from crystals except sometimes Moldavite of which I have a few pieces. I normally try to live in the present moment but here I am counting the days waiting for Sunday to arrive so I can finally wear it! I have chanting mantras playing through the stereo on "repeat" so for now the Navratna is hanging over one of the speakers hopefully absorbing (and enjoying?) the Sanskrit sounds. Rudy - Thank you so very much for the way you have communicated throughout this transaction. I hope in the near future to be able to purchase from you a Jyotish ring that will compliment the Navratna. If there are any noticeable changes/events that I feel may be attributable to the Navratna I shall let you know. Thanks again Rudy and all the very best to you and yours

With Respect & Gratitude - J.D., AU

Hi Rudy, I received the ring....It is absolutely beautiful, perfect fit, your pictures didn't even capture it (as you state on your site)! Its a small thing but I also loved the way you packaged the ring. I really appreciate your patience with me,  your pleasant and great customer service and I know we will definitely be purchasing more stones from you. Thanks again and happy New Year to you and your family!

S.E., IL

Ciao dear Rudy, The ring is finally with my fiend and he loves it. Profuse thanks! With affection, 
S.M., NC :)

Hi Rudy, I received the stone on saturday, I liked a lot and I'm very satisfied. I'll recommend you to my cousin. 

Best regards.

L.G, Divinopolis, BR


Hello Rudy, I cant thank you enough for the service you provide and the quality of interaction you gave me throughout the process. Wishing you the very best during your shopping trip, and the coming New Year. Cheers,

C.E., Manitoba, Canada

Hi Rudy,

I'd like to thank you again for your beautiful craftsmanship. The ring turned out great and my lady loves it very much. She did say yes, and that makes me very happy. Thank you,

R.MA, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Dear Rudy Jii, Thank you very much for my coral ring, it is beautiful and exactly what i wanted as an everyday wear...simple and chic. I received it today morning : ). After reading the instructions in the attached letter, i had a few queries: Is it ok if i wear my ring while taking a shower? As i wouldn't like to keep on removing and break my connection with it! Secondly, in how many days will my red coral start showing its effect? Thanks once again for everything and God bless you! Best Regards,

Chef S., Dubai, UAE

Hello Rudy, Thank for these beautiful pieces.  They really came out great.  I mail the balance.  Thanks again for all the hard work. Have a blessed day!


Dear Rudy, the pearl arrived safely today and it is so gorgeous, it just take my breath away. I can't wait to start wearing it. Thanks so much. Best,

M.J.C., Birmingham, UK

Hi Rudy, Just wanted to thank you for the packaging and prompt service of delivery of the sapphire. 
I took it into jeweller today and he also thought it was a lovely gem. I will come back to you later in the year to purchase another sapphire. 
Kindest regards
A. P. , VIC, AU

Hi Rudy, The sapphire arrived today safely. Thank you so much it is beautiful. I'm very pleased with it. Looking forward to setting it 
in a ring. I'll send you a picture of the end product. Thanking you.
A. P. , VIC, AU

Buona sera Rudy, I got the package this morning at 8:30 am. The mail was very fast, and less than one day!  
The ring looks very beautiful and the way you packaged it was very nice and magical. I haven't tried it on yet as
I will follow the advice and place it on my finger on Saturday, during sunset. I will write again on Saturday. Grazie tanto, 

M.S, London, UK

Hi, Pendant arrived last Friday not only was the pendant beautiful but the way it was packaged was very nice and much appreciated. 
It was exactly as described, only wish it were larger.  Cannot wait to wear it, and look forward to buying from you in the future.

 Thanks and best wishes,

J.A., CA

Hi Rudy, I finally got it! It's more gorgeous than I expected.....Thank you. I am thinking of buying them all :) Sincerely,

Respected Sir:  The pendant was delivered earlier today.  I just returned home and saw it; it is spectacular.  
I can't wait to put it on tomorrow.  I also can't wait to share with you the wonderful results I'm sure I will experience!
I will be in touch.  I hope all is well with your family. Sincerely,

HI Rudy, I have received the ring last Thursday and have been wearing it since. The stone is beautiful. 
More deeper color than the picture.  The raised ring band shape seems to take time getting used to.   
Thank you for sending it. Best,

M.V., CA

Carissimo Rudy Ciscato,ho ricevuto lo smeraldo. E' meraviglioso,ho aspettato un anno dalla consultazione  per questioni economiche
ma ne è valsa la pena. Tutto arriva quando deve arrivare.La ringrazio di cuore e le auguro tutto il meglio che si merita.

Di nuovo grazie.


Dear Rudy, I just wanted to express my thanks to you with how promptly I received my beautiful coral pendant.
It is a lovely, crafted piece of coral and the setting is beautiful,
not to mention that I am a very happy customer!
I wasn't sure what to expect having ordered it by photo alone.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services in the future. Wishing you a happy new year in 2016! Best Regards,


Rudy, I forgot to write! The ring is indeed beautiful on my finger. Thank you so much.

Best wishes, E. U-O, CA

Hi Rudy, I picked up the ring today and it is beautiful and stunning. I can't wait to wear it on Thursday at sunset. Thank you so much
for the amazing job. It truly is spectacular and elegant  and delicate and understated. It really was what I wanted.
I might just write you again when I actually have it on my finger. Best wishes,

E. U-O, CA

Dear Rudy, The package has arrived - thanks! It's great.


Hi Rudy, This is S. It's been a little over a week since I started my red coral ring. I just wanted to let you know how it's been going.
Sorry it took so long to let you know. Firstly, the ring is beautiful and there are times I can't stop looking at it. Second of all, it fits my finger very well. I have been following the rules and have been taking it off for my morning and evening teeth brushing sessions.
Thank you so much for everything. All the best,

S.B., MD

Hi Rudy, Thanks for creating such a wonderful custom designed pink sapphire pendant for Kayla.  This second pendant from you now
allows her a choice depending on her mood and both should give her many years of wearing enjoyment. Best wishes,

I.C., HI

ciao - scusa, sono di corsa - ma ho aperto lpacco - e davvero just lovely. very dear. havent taken it out of the box since i first want to touch it on saturday sunset time only and not before. but it looks very fine, delicate and like a true lil gem that it is.

looking forward wearing it - and will let you know about the fit when i wear it. i really enjoy the design w/ those spirals. well done.

ben fatto!! saluti

C.N.N., CA

Rudy, the jewelry arrived today and it is beautiful. Thank you so much. I look forward to wearing the pieces on Friday. Until next time,


I do like it; it's exactly what I wanted.  Thanks again!


Afternoon Rudy, It came this afternoon :) looks fantastic! Thank you & holding off till Sat to wear it.
P.W., CA

Hi Judy, I got my order this afternoon. I would say they are stunning . Even the pendant is kind of small but the colour is still amazing . 
The clarity of saphair is very fine as well. Thank you again for everything you did for me. I hope I will do business with you
 in near future. Regards
L.Z., ON, CA

Hello Rudy! I finally picked up my box. The pendant is amazing!!! I've fell in love with it:) thank you for recommendations, l'll follow it. 
I'm very happy! Thank you very much for everything! Namaste

Hello Rudy, Lovely phenakite. It's a keeper.

Thanks! M.W., AR

Hi Rudy, I received the talisman yesterday and I started to wear today following the instructions. Thank you so much! Best regards,
L.C., TX

Dear Rudy, the ring is absolutely fantastic. Very beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you, 

Dear Rudy, hope you are doing great, sorry it took sooooo long to write you but things changed a lot in my life for better ever since 
I received my ring. Thank you very much for your kindness and dedication, hope the brazilian customs are causing you less trouble...
but everyone I know that purchased something abroad is having problems lately. I left my country, I am working abroad doing something 
much more profitable, love my job, I travel and finally I will be able to buy myself a place to call home. The power of the blue
sapphire is truly a blessing and I am sure its helping me a lot. Wish you a fantastic and harmonious 2015.
Kind regards, 

Hello Rudy, a couple of words of praise for the job well done! Apart the sapphire pendant that I love very much, the communication 
and relationship during the whole process was so personal and intimate that it filled my heart. I cannot thank you enough for this. 
The shipping to Australia was no problem. I was a bit worry to say the truth. Anyhow, a big hug and a healthful thank you from
A.C., AU 

Hello Rodolfo, just a quick note to let you know that my ring arrived. I love it. Beautifully crafted! You have a talent and I have enjoyed 
working with you. Mille grazie. Bellisssimo.

Hi Rudy, Just writing to say thanks for the wonderful sapphire necklace that you put together.  Kayla loves it and says she will enjoy 
wearing her such a beautiful necklace. Thank you for all your effort. Best regards
I.C., HI

Dear Rudy, Your red coral arrived a couple of days ago, it is a beautiful piece & I feel very fortunate it has come into my possession.
Thank you so much for sending it, for the discount, as well as the advice on setting, cleaning & maintaining the gem, which I'll be careful to follow. Warm regards,


Rudy, I received the package a few minutes ago.  Thank you.  The gem is stunning.


Rudy, The gem arrived and I have given it to my friend.  She loved it.  We both think it is very beautiful and you did a perfect job 
with the setting. Many thanks,
N.L., MI

Rudy,I got it! The pendant is exquisitely beautiful! I will treasure it always.I did, though, make the mistake of wearing it for about 2 hours 
before I read the card instructing me on when to first wear it. Do I need to do anything to "undo" me wearing it for those 2 hours? 
I am so impressed with the speed of delivery and am looking forward to future endeavors with your company.
V.E., AR

Hello Rudy, the ring has arrived. Thank you so much, it's very beautiful and an absolutely stunning stone. I know I will enjoy wearing 
it so much.Thank you for everything. Best wishes,


Hi Rudy, I have received it.I am very happy! Looks really good. Many Thanks!


Rudy, I wanted to let you know that I received the pendant from J. B. today. The stones are lovely, and his workmanship is beautiful. 
I am so very happy with this whole experience. Thank you very much! I won't hesitate to recommend either of you in the future.
L.B., FL

Hi Rudy! How are you? I absolutely love the ring! It's the most beautiful ring I've owned. Thank you so much! 
You've done an excellent job! I can't wait to wear it from Thursday!
F.K., VA

It's beautiful!!!! I love it!!! I'll be calling you anytime I need something!!! You guys are great! Thanks again 
C.G., AR

Rudy, I received the pendant. Looks exactly like advertised in your website. Looks great! Thank you very much.
K.S., VA

HI Rudy. The gems arrived yesterday (Wednesday). They are truly beautiful! Thank you so much for your help

V.K., CA

Rudy, The sapphires are beautiful, even more so in person than on your website.  I will keep all three please.

S.H., WY

Hi Rudy,

The ring arrived and it is beautiful! I absolutely love it. Thank you again for all your assistance :) Aloha,

K.B., HI

Hi again, Sarrah told me she got the ring delivered today, and she wanted you to know that she is very very satisfied with it. :-)

Hi Rudy, The ring has just been delivered. It's absolutely stunning so thank you so much. I'm sure Chris will love it as much as I do. 
The colour of the sapphire is beautiful and the simple setting sets it off very well. I'm thrilled with it!
Thank you again,
Best wishes,

What a nice stone, thanks Rudy. Appreciate the discount, too.


S.M., NJ

Thank you so much! The ring is gorgeous. Good things are already happening! 

J.K., NJ

Hi Rudy, Just to let you know I received the pink sapphire. I'm absolutely delighted with it! It's lovely. Thank-you very much indeed
and I certainly hope to do more business with you in the future. Kind regards

P. W., UK

Hi Rudy, I got the ring on Tuesday.  Thank you! After looking at the stone for a couple days, I think this is a color change sapphire.  It is violet/bluish lavender under sunlight, and turns into bubble gum pink under incandescent light.  Nice clarity and cut.  I would have liked it
even better if the setting were costume made, but I guess this setting is a bargain. Thanks again. R.W., NYC

Thank you so much, it is beautiful. D.R., HI

Hello Rudy, I wanted to let you know that I received the sapphires, and they are gorgeous. Thank you so much for your recommendation,
as the blue/violet round is actually my favourite of the three, and I would have passed it over. But they are all very beautiful,
and I am to have them. When you do get information on the Burma stone, let me know. I think it will be a very desirable stone. M.R., Toronto, CA

Good Morning Mr. Rudy, The chrysoberyl is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!  I love the color and the brilliance is unbelievable. 
I definitely want to keep the stone. Thank you very much, and as always, thank you for your assistance. Have a wonderful weekend! R.C., LA

Hi Rudy, I just got the stone today and it is beautiful.  I thank you for all your help and I will be keeping the stone. 
Just wanted to let you know.  Happy Customer,
K.B., NC

Hi Rudy, Just want to let you know that I've received the ring yesterday and am loving it already.  Am looking at it all the time
even though I can only start wearing it on Friday! Thanks a lot for the lovely gems! Best regards, P.YL C., Singapore

Rudy, Received the ring. Thank you very much it's beautiful. I will wear on Sunday after saying the mantra. V.M., ON, CA

Dear Mr.Rudy (sorry i kept writing you are Mr.Ruby!) I got the ring this morning on Thursday perfectly and without paying any tax so far.
I am so satisfied the quality of the gem stone, thank you very much;) I already feel it will bring me some good things!!
Aum brim brihaspataye namah to you, too my Mr.Ruby. Sincerely, Y.K.M, Tokyo, Japan

Hello Rudy, I have received the package today and the ring looks beautiful. I will wear it today as per instructions. 
Thanks a lot for your help and your service. Regards, P.P., NJ

Hello Rudy, I hope this note finds you well. Yes, I did receive the beautiful 1.15ct. yellow sapphire.
Thank you for checking. Health, wealth, and happiness. A.S.M., MD

I have received the sapphires.  They are gorgeous and exactly as pictured.  Thank you so much. S.H., WY

Dear Rudy, The stone arrived on Monday. It is beautiful, thanks very much for everything! Regards, M.C., Birmingham, UK

Dear Rudy, I have received the pendant and I love it! The sapphire is a lovely colour and very clear.  Thank you again for your fast service.
Best, E.P., London, UK

Hi Rudy, Just received my pendant and it's beautiful! Love it already! I truly hope it will bring me good luck, health and fortune.
Till now, my life has been pretty tough...Thank you and good day! P.C., Singapore

Hi Rudy, Received the ring today.  It is really, absolutely, fantastic. A truly beautiful and auspicious piece. Thanks again for everything.
It is really beautiful.  And to remind you, I mailed the check on monday, so you should receive it by the end of the week.  Thanks again, M.T., CO

Hi Rudy, The sapphire arrived yesterday.  I agree, it is a wonderful color and it was a great price, thank you.  I am going to attempt to stay away from your site for a bit.  That may or may not work out.  It is too interesting to me. 
Either way, I will continue to visit it and be back in touch.  I hope your travels are productive. Take care, J.D., CA

As a loyal customer of Rudy's, I've been blessed with several of his pieces that have worked wonderfully well for me
and my family over the past 10 years. But the Navaratna piece that he designed for me using 5mm flawless stones has been life changing
on levels that I don't even think that I'm aware of yet. I'm in a very difficult karmic period right now, and I was very fortunate that Rudy
had the gemstones in stock. The Navaratna is definitely attracting better results into my life from all directions.
The results have been growing stronger ever day over the last 90 days. (I don't take it off.)  I wear it with my other Vedic gemstones
and I highly recommend it. **Customer wish to stay anonymous**

Hi guys, I got it. I love my yellow sapphire! Truly Impressed by the service, quality and prices you guys have. Prior this, I have purchased from a NYC company. While the stone was OK, price was very, very high. Compared to you guys, I would say they are 5 times more expensive. Anyway, thank you for this beautiful sapphire. I will cherish it. B.V., MD

Hello, I received this morning the beautiful stone ! I am very happy and I thank you very much. I.S.B., France

Hi Rudy, I got it and it is absolutely beautiful! I love it and can't wait until Sunday! Thank you so much! V.C., HI

Dear Rudy & Sofija, I got today the beautiful sapphire ring. I am impressed and beyond happy. Honestly, I was reluctant to do another transaction after the bad experience I had with an Indian company that delivered me a completely bad quality piece with a bad quality stone. And also expensive it was. Well, I guess that was meant to be. Anyway, thank you very much for the beautiful talisman and the easy and professional experience. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, S.C, CA

Hello Rudy, the ring is simply gorgeous!! Absolutely stunning. I am taking it to vermont this weekend to admire it. Will get back to you on size for hessonite next week. V,W., Brooklyn, NY

Hi Rudy, Just received the blue sapphire. It is exactly as I viewed it online! A fantastic, magnificent gemstone! I am very happy with my purchase and hope it will do me some good.  Thank you very much! P.,Y.L.C., Singapore

Hi  Rudy : Very nice purple , love it a lot , you are a star ! Regards  X.L. Sydney, Australia

Hi , Rudy. I received my gem! So beautiful purple! Nice to talk to you yesterday, help me a lot , thanks again and enjoy ur holiday! X.L. Sydney, Australia

Yes, Rudy, the sapphire arrived on Friday, and it's lovely.  I'm planning on having it custom set in rose gold as a solitaire to match my wedding band, for our 10th wedding anniversary... very excited to have found just the color of sapphire I wanted at such a good price.  Thanks for following up.  :) K.R., ID

Hi Rudy, Just got the stones this morning. They are so beautiful. Thank you so much for what you have done for the delivery. They got here quickly and safely. Will always keep an eye on your website to see if there are any beauties coming up. Best, J.D, Seoul, S. Korea

Hi Rudy, Received the sapphire and the pendant. They are beautiful. Thank you. Cheers, H.K., AU

Hi Rudy, I just want you to know that I have compared your gems with others in the industry and I must say that your gems are of top quality and priced nicely.  Some will have poor quality gems and still be extremely expensive.  Others might be of good quality but the price can be too costly for most to afford.  After looking around, I must say your collection is of top quality and very well priced.  Very glad to have found you.  I must admit that when I first found your website I thought it was too good to be true.  Everyone told me that quality gems must be expensive, but now I know better :-)  Thanks much. D.A., VA

Hi Rudy, The beautiful pendant has arrived and it's absolutely lovely!!  Thank you!!!  I will set up paypal next week to link with my bank .acct and will transfer funds that way instead.


Hello Rudy, The ring is beautiful! The size, both ring size and size of the stones is perfect. Left to my own devices I would have chosen something  larger, so I am very happy this stone reached out to me. I will enjoy wearing this ring for many years, thank you so very much!
Best regards,

J.J., MI

Hello Rudy, I received my sapphire today and it is PERFECT!  It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!  I really enjoyed working with you.

S.M., IN

What a unique stone! Just beautiful. Thanks again Rudy.

S.M., NY

Rudy is a pleasure to deal with his vast knowledge and his honest and sincere opinion on the various options. I have been dealing with him since 2006 and each time I am a satisfied customer. Thanks again for your wonderful  service. I will keep referring people to you as the # 1 source for Astrological Quality Gem Stones at the best price points w.r.t to competition.

V.K., TX

Rudy - Thanks so much for your input.  I'm glad to hear you agree about the white gold (and it isn't just me).  I will definitely consider 18k
yellow now that I know you favor it.  Do you find it brings out more of the orange or pink tones? I'm looking to enhance the orange as much as possible seeing as this stone tends to veer towards the pink in most lights.  Also, if you can send out the original EMIL report, that would be great.  Thanks again for everything.  I'm very happy.  And I will be sure to refer fellow gem collectors to you.  It's been a pleasure. Sincerely,

A. J. P, RI

Gorgeous, indeed!  It also fits perfectly and is extremely comfortable.  A prized possession, for sure!  Great work, Rudy! 

P.R., NY

I received the peridot today. Thanks Rudy ! Nice stone indeed.

K.F., ON, Canada

I love it, it is so beautiful and lovely and just as you described,  the setting is wonderfully fitting to the beautiful stone. Thank you Rudy. I can't wait until tomorrow at 9:25 to wear it. I couldn't love it more. Thank you, thank you. Warmest Aloha,

L.D., HI

Hello Rudy, The Hessonite is simply gorgeous !!! One of a kind indeed ! I'll try to sell the blue sapphire by other means. Thanks and was great doing business with you.

K.F., ON, Canada

Hi Rudy, I have just received the pearl earrings! They look really exquisite and beautiful! The workmanship is very impressive! Will definitely come back to you for more orders and recommend my friends to you!

J.Q., Singapore

Oh wow, Rudy, it just arrived.  It's absolutely gorgeous!  I can't wait to put in on on Saturday! thanks so much for your beautiful design.

G.C., CA

Hi Rudy, I have received pendant, very good looking piece, Many Thanks,

Regards, E.A., London, UK

Hello Rudy , My pendant came today. It's beautiful! Thank you very much. I can't wait to wear it

S.L., Glasgow, UK

Hi Rudy, I just received the sapphire and opened it in my office.  My first thought was it was awfully purple.  I soon realized I was viewing it under incandescent light.  So, I took it outside to look at it.  The color change on this stone is amazing!  Just wanted to share my experience.  Thanks.

P. N., TX

Received it late last night. It's beautiful. Thank you

J. V., TX

Grazie mille! E' arrivato tutto perfettamente! La pietra veramente bella!!! Alla prossima,

C.G, Italy

Dear Rudy, Sorry for late reply. I received the parcel Monday evening. The pendant is beautifully set. I love it. As my talisman is double pendant with two different gems wearing instruction. Would like to clarify with you - Shall I start wearing talisman after chanting Venus Mantra on Friday sunrise for Support from White Sapphire? Then chant Saturn mantra on Saturday sunset for support from Blue Sapphire? Thank you so much!

L.S.M., Singapore

Hello Rudy, I picked up the box today, thanks for everything. Its a great pendant and I will put it on tomorrow at sun set (thursday).

C.G., Australia

Rudy, thank you again. The entire process has been a pleasure. All the best,

N.B., AZ

Hi Rudy, I love this pendant!  The design is so nice as is the sapphire.  I will definitely get a violet sapphire ring. Thanks,

V.W., NY

Hello Rudy, I just received the white sapphire ring.  It is indeed lovely!  Thank you so much.  I am sending you a check for the amount on the invoice.

Again, many thanks!

N.B., AZ

Hi Rudy, The sapphire arrived today and it is wonderful.  I am especially pleased with the color change.  I have never seen a color change sapphire in anything but a blue or purple stone.  Thank you again for the discount and for getting it to me so quickly. All the best,

J.D., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi there, got it today. Amazing jewel! I am very, very happy. Such a waste of money on all my previous jewelry purchases. Regards,


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy, The ring arrived today and was just as pictured. Lovely sapphire and ring. Worthy purchase. Thank you,

 S.A., AZ

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, Received the jewelry this morning. Both pieces are beautiful. Thank you very much once again.

V.M., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy!  The stone has just arrived and is even better than I anticipated!  It's stunning!!

K.C., ID

 di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Wow!!! And did I say WOW. It is gorgeous, love it. Thanks so much.

A.S., VA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, I was finally able to pick up the sapphire today.  I forgot about the holiday so I was trying to be patient knowing it was sitting in the post office.  It was well worth the wait.  It is a beautiful stone and I am very happy that you took the time to talk with me about it. I would have been disappointed in the other stone.  Please charge my card and send the documentation on the sapphire whenever you get a minute to breath.  As always, it was great to talk to you.  Also, I checked out your web site on the astrological connections and enjoyed it very much.

Thanks again, J.D., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, I wanted to let you know that I received the ruby pendant and it's beautiful!  Thank you!

R.K., CO

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello guys, received it. Thank you very much. I have to stop to purchase these beautiful sapphires. They are addictive. Warmest regards

B.S., NJ

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, WOW!  The stone is gorgeous!!  I'm so pleased!  Please go ahead and send the original copy of the Lab Report...I'll be keeping this one!  Have a great time in Tucson! Peace and bless,

K.C., ID

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, I really love the pendant. The emerald has a very friendly and warm vibration to it. The color and soft glow emanating from it is also very pleasing to the eye. Thank you very much. Warm regards

V.D., Brooklyn, NY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, Just wanted to let you know the parcel arrived which is a miracle since most of the UK has been stuck in the snow.  I really love the stone and its great to have a cert thanks for getting it out to me so quickly and answering all my questions. Best Wishes for 2011.

E. P., London, UK

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy: Bill received the ruby ring today ... he sends his thanks and appreciation for your helpful advice on this order and for the creative beauty of the ring (very impressive!).  We both feel that this Jyotish ring will bring much positive energy and strength to Bill's connection with Surya and its influence in his life. Many thanks!

M.H. & W.W., MN

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, Hope all is well.  Just received the stone.  Very beautiful and very pleased with it.  Again, thank you very much for all your help.
     Warm Regards,

S.P., Chicago, IL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, I have received the beautiful emerald pendant just right after my TM programme this morning. The whole piece is so gorgeous. The stone is much more beautiful and brilliant than what I expected. Thank you so much Rudy for doing an excellent crafting job for my pendant. Well done!

With warmest regards, L.S.M., Singapore

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, We received your package yesterday afternoon. Thank you. I am very pleased; the gem is beautiful so is the setting.

B.M., OR

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, I received the sapphires last Thursday. You are so right -- both of them are gorgeous, but the pink one is definitely nicer.

So far I haven't seen the orange undertone, which is good because I don't particularly like that color. Thanks for the discount and the prompt service.

K.A., MD

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, The package has arrived safely. The whole piece looks Absolutely fantastic and my wife, who I bought it for, is thrilled!
Many thanks,

Dr. M.A., London, UK

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi, I have received the sapphire. I love it! The cutting is so neat. Thank you for the great experience. Sincerely

L.K., MI

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, it just arrived and it's very beautiful.  Thank you!  I'm dying to just put it on, but I'll wait until tomorrow. :) Blessings,

G.C., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, I received the emerald macle today.It is beautiful.Thank you very much.I have mailed the check for the amount on Saturday. Thanks again.

K.R., IL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Planetarygems, certified the fancy sapphire by the AGL lab. As stated, natural, unheated. Couldn't be happier. Thank you for the beautiful stone at a great price. I regret only to have not purchased from you guys before...could have saved a lot of money. Sincerely,

L.B., CT

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, I just wanted to say thank you for the time you took to help me. The sapphires arrived exactly as promised and I couldn't be happier with your outstanding service. True to your word, the baby pink sapphire really is one in a million (and it looks amazing paired with the 5mm trillions). We just picked up the finished engagement ring from the jeweler last Monday (see attached) and the results are stunning.  It's exactly as I wanted and even more beautiful than I imagined.  I'll be sure to come back anytime I need gems for any future jewelry and
will highly recommend your site to all my friends! Thanks again!

C. & D. P.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) ....Ok. FYI - After seeing my ring again I have decided that I like the larger size.  Just took getting used to.  Thanks again for a job well done.  We will be back.

P.D., NY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Brother Rudy, just received the package from you with many many thanks ! Woow !!

The Pearl Pendant you designed and created for me (one of a kind) is Very Stunning, Very Beautiful and Very Gorgeous Looking indeed !!

The style is not too feminine (thanks) and also with a slight touch of Machonism here/there.

Brother Rudy,

You are "The Michael Angelo Of The Jewelers" The Master Craftsman Of Your Trade.  

My sincere thanks to you !

D.T.F, Singapore

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, Received the pendant today.  It is a really fantastic setting. Or to put it otherwise, the pendant is as equally auspicious as is the gem itself. Your work is like the gemstones you offer, perfect. Thanks for everything. Looking forward to next Wednesday so I can wear it. All the best,

M.T., Denver, CO

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy - It's perfect! I love it!  Thanks again so much. I'm sure we'll talk again. Take care, Katherine

K.R., WI

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy, il  pendant e' arrivato ieri, davvero bellissimo, Grazie mille!!
Una domanda, ho visto che il retro del pendant, dove l'anello d'oro e' piu' grande, ha solo un piccolo punto di contatto del ruby con la pelle. Va bene cosi'? O devo girarlo dall'altra parte quando lo porto, di modo che ci sia piu' superficie di contatto? Grazie, saluti, Giorgio.

G.B., Switzerland

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy!  I LOVE my ring. You did a beautiful job.  Thanks so very much!!! I hope to use your services again in the future. Take care, Katherine

K.R., WI

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, Got the gemstones. Right on time and no taxes. :-) You're right about the yellow sapphire, it does look like a yellow diamond. Are there certain periods we should wear stones that are not personal gemstones but due to the planetary positions, these stones become beneficial?

The 5.07 emerald is so clean and sparkling. There is a gentle glow to it and some fire at the bottom. Love it. The 1.80 emerald pendent has this mysterious depth even though it is not very deep. I re-checked it while I wrote that and yes it does have this.

By the way, I was prescribed ruby, yellow sapphire and diamond by a kabbalist once instead of the diamond, emerald and blue sapphire by Vedic astrologists. A real clash with Vedic astrological philosophy.  Thank you very Rudy for having such nice gemstones.

S. T. L., Singapore

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Thank you Rudy.  The pendant is stunning...and it arrived on my son's birthday.  He loves it.  So do I. Be well,

D.H., CO

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy, Just got the Rolex ruby ring, you're right it is very beautiful. Well crafted ring. The rubies really sparkle. The ruby ring I currently wear which I purchased also online 2 months ago, does not sparkle like that nor has it the same depth of colour it just looks dark, I can't believe the stones has not been enhanced in any way, because they look so lively and the colour seem to be constantly dancing! They are super fine rubies! Just love it. They are the best gems I have ever seen. I will wear my ring on the 24th of this month and consecrate the ring. Most of the rubies touch my skin so that is good.
I had to go through 4 layers of boxes to get to the ring so thank you for taking such special care and attention to the packaging as well. I will definitely do more buying from you from now on. I did a lot of researching on the best site and I thought your site was the best but during that time you were away so I decided to go with another site, I should have waited.
I would like to purchased a yellow sapphire soon. How much do you charge for a simple ring design with a yellow sapphire size 6 and half?
Once again thank you for your help and care. Regards,

L.P., Sydney, Australia

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dears, The rings arrived yesterday, magnificent as always. Got lots of compliments on the hessonite today, Saturday. Thank you so much for all your careful attention.

Sincerely, V.V.M. MD, Macon, GA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy....  what can I say... the ring is spectacular!!!!  Wow is all I can say, I love it... I will definitely be coming back.  I have been wanting a
yellow sapphire for 5 years (when not as popular) and I am glad I found you! Everyone thing happens for a reason...Keep sharing the beautiful things you do. I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday and a Healthy 2010!

Miss C.A.O, Ottawa, CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, I picked it up today at the post office.  It is a keeper.  I think my wife will like it. Thank you,


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi,  I just wanted you to know I'm extremely happy with this lovely  lime green chrysoberyl.  Its such a bright stone, & a great color.  
Flash, flash, & more flash. 

R.H., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudi, I received the stone on Saturday � thank you!  It is more beautiful than I imagined. Please go ahead and send the original lab certificate.  Only a copy came with the stone. Thank you again! Best,...I couldn't be more happy with it - it's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!~

G.P., RI

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, Just a note to say I received the pendant yesterday.  It is beautiful.  Thanks so much for the fine quality and craftsmanship.  
Jai Guru Dev

M. T., CO

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, I got the ring last night and was not able to see it in the sun till this morning. It is scintillating in the sun and just beautiful!! Thank you so much,


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Thanks so much for working with me and providing me with a lovely gem to benefit my life. I appreciate your quality and reasonable prices.  I am happy to have a lovely yellow sapphire. Many blessings,

C.H-G., TX

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy,  Just a note to say that I mailed the gem to be set today, first class insured.  You should receive it in 2 to 3 days.  I find I rather like the gem and it was hard to part with.  It is very positive and pure.  Thanks again for the work.

M.T., CO

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Mr. Rudy, Thank you very much for responding to my question on the Rhodolite.  When I came home from work on Saturday evening, the stones were in the mail.  They are absolutely beautiful.  I will keep them both.

Once again, I want to thank you very much for always giving me excellent advise on the stones.  I also appreciate - very, very, much - the discount you gave me.  I look forward to continue purchasing stones from you. Respectfully,

R.C., LA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy & Sofija, I have received the pendant/earring shipment...both are beautiful. Thanks very much for everything.  I will contact you
in the future when I have other needs. Best regards,

K.D., PA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, Just came back from work. Received the FedEx's package this morning with many many thanks. WooW !!

The pictures via thru your webpage does Not Really Justify Looking at the genuine (real McCoy) gemstones. The Blue Sapphire is simply magnificent, stunning and simply gorgeous so does the Red Coral too. Will be sending it to my/our family jewelers to have it setup. Once again, Thank You, Rudy !  You are the man!! Tks n Rgds

D.M.H.T.F., Singapore

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, Parcel arrived today, Thanks for  your effort to get it here so soon and the excellent gems you sent ,hope to do business with
you again and you and your family have many more happy birthdays.

T. McM., Australia

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija, got the padpardscha, and I am so happy!! It sparkles so much! Thank you for such gorgeous gem.

Sincerely, D.K., FL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy- Received the ring. It is beautiful! And, it fits just perfectly. Thank you so much! The emerald is a wonderful color and clarity, and the sapphires are perfect. Thanks for working with me on the order, the end result is everything I had hoped for.


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy and Sofija, Thank you very much for this wonderful and very auspicious green tourmaline. Its a beautiful gem with wonderful colour and clarity. I am sure to wear this gem forever. I feel that this gem is a real divine gift to empower mercury, I am sure. This gift is the answer I was looking for to empower mercury. I am really very happy. Thank you so much for this beautiful divine gift.

S.C., Chatam, UK

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) I received my stones today and they look wonderful!! And thank you for the discount.  Regards,

S., Arlington, VA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes)Hi Rudy, The sapphire arrived.  It is truly wonderful, and I don't even like pink.  Your description of the stone was impeccable, as usual. Thank you, and thank you for waiting until the end of the month. Be Well,

J.D., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Got it. Thank you. Very beautiful. I have purchased over the internet, several gems in the past years, and it is a shame I did not find you before. Thank you,

G.K., Miami, FL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello, love the coral. Thank you.

S.R., Portland, Oregon

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Sofija & Rudy, as usual your gems are impeccable. And addictive too. I cannot stop purchasing them. Wishing you well.

F.K, Germany

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello, The Chivor emerald crosses are just gorgeous! Thank you very much. I love them.

J.R, Durham, NC

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, The emerald arrived today.  You are absolutely right, the photograph of it does not begin to do justice to the gem. 
Don and I are both very happy with it, thank you. Sincerely,

J.D., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy, I picked up the burgundy sapphire yesterday afternoon. It is a stone that really thrives in the light. I am also grateful for the sturdy case it arrived in, as I have received loose stones in plastic bags and bubble wrap before. I also appreciate the natural, unheated or untreated state of this stone. Many human beings might look better with surgical or cosmetic treatments, but there are things to marvel about us in our natural, unique state as well. Thank you for the discount, as that was a complete surprise when I opened the package. Before I found the Planetary Gems website, I had made prior purchases from a New York business and while the stones and jewelry were fine, the prices were more expensive. I hope to make purchases with you in the future and wish your family well. Sincerely,

S.A., AZ

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy,  Just wanted to let you know that we love the stone we purchased from you.  It is really beautiful. Thank you. Have a great time at the Tucson show.  I hope it is fruitful. Kindest Regards,

R. F., Cincinnati, OH

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, The emerald and the sapphires arrived today.  They are extremely nice and as usual, what I expected from your description on your web site.  As always, it was a pleasure doing business with you. 

J.D., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi, I picked up the ruby and it is safely home.  The stone really is lovely and it sparkles under the lights perfectly. I have been very happy with your service and I will buy more from you guys in the future. Thank you and take care,

B. R.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Sofija, your new jewelry creations are simply outstanding. Perfect! I am in with love my stellar pendant. I will be back for more, as your prices are beyond good. Thank you.

S.W., FL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy, Thanks you so much for your update and photos. I'm really appreciative.  The workmanship are excellent and amazing!!
Yes I will most definitely send you confirmation as soon as I receive the package.  Thank you again for taking care of my order, it has been a very pleasant experience. Please have a safe and wonderful trip overseas. Many Thanks,

J.P., Chicago

Sofija, I wanted to send you pictures of my Pad that I just got back today.  The pictures just do not do justice to how stunning it looks in this setting.  I don't have a camera that does well with close ups.  Thought you would enjoy seeing this special stone in its new setting.  I just love it!


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy, Just wanted to let you know that my jeweler has received the sapphire today. I would like to thank you again for your excellent service. Thanks

K.L., Singapore

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija, my Coral/Ruby pendant has arrived. And as my orange sapphire jupiter ring that I have ordered from you, it looks truly divine! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for everything. Everyone who is interested in purchasing astro gems, planetarygems.com is the place to go! Truly recommended, highest quality gems at the best prices sold by someone with great expertise in
this area. For me the trust aspect when purchasing such items is vital to me, and I have surely not been disappointed. I will write soon, as I want to order a pendant for my husband as a Christmas present.
Love, Light & Blessings,

T. from Zurich, Switzerland
PS: If you could give me the e-mail address of the astrologer that you mentioned last time, that would be much appreciated.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, Once again, you have outdone yourself. The Zambian emerald ring is exquisite. Excellent bezel setting. The ring design is simple and classic, just what I wanted. The white sapphire studs look better than diamonds. The 6mm size is the best. I got them to match a 10 carat white sapphire pendant and the effect is amazing. Now, for the emerald earrings, very beautiful. Your design is unique and so timeless. So much better than in the picture. You are the family jeweler forever.
Thank you so much for all your careful attention to detail. All my best. Sincerely,

V.V., GA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Sofija, The stone arrived safely this morning. I was very surprised to see the package so soon. It took only 2 business days from when you mailed it. The emerald looks beautiful, and I am looking forward to having it mounted as a pendant with small diamonds surrounding the stone. I love the color of the stone, which appears eye clean as you say, and the pear shape should make a very graceful pendant.
Thank you, and it was a pleasure doing business with you. Regards,

D.H., Ontario, Canada

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dears, The lovely ring has arrived!!! Thank you so much, it looks absolutely gorgeous. I knew it would be nice, but I didn't expect it to be that cute! It fits perfectly and I cannot wait for it to wear it! WOW!

T.P., Zurich, Switzerland

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy  the pearl  arrived  is beautiful  I m gratefull with you. Thanks and blesses.  Jai Guru Dev    Jai Maharishi

C.A.E, Guayquil, Ecuador

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy- We went out and picked up the ruby, it's so, so beautiful!  Thank you for all your help! 

S.G., WA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello! Thank you for the prompt shipment of the stone....I love it! The stone itself is even more stunning in person than your description-what a beautiful piece! This will now make four stones that I have purchased from you over the last few years.  Each of the stones have been of excellent quality and your service impeccable.
With much appreciation,

L.N., KS

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dears, is V. Thank you so much. This is the most beautiful pendant....It is just fabulous. And the earrings...I can't believe how beautiful they are...you have a lifelong customer. Thank you so much. You have a wonderful Christmas and whatever your persuasion is. Thank you, Happy new year and will drop an email. Thank you. (phone message)


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy! Thank you for your service. I got the certificated ! I want to thank you for the nice � high quality  yellow sapphire  that you send to us!!, we was astonish when  open the package, it looks 100% nicer that how it look in the pictures! Definably the quality of the stone can easily perceive ones you have it in your hands!        Thank you again! Keep the good service!

Yours truly, G.S., FL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy. The navaratna arrived today. It is beautiful. So well made. Thank you for your exceptional service and craftsmanship. Sincerely,

V.V., GA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dears, Can I just say, "WOW"!!!  I got my baby, pink spinel stone today and it is gorgeous!!  I have ordered two white sapphires from you, as well, and have NOT been disappointed!!  Anyone who is considering purchasing from you... should not hesitate!!  Thanks so much....I am sure you will hear from me again and I will be referring people to your website!! Sincerely,



di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi, I received my ring today. It's beautiful. I like it. Hope it is gonna work for me.

Thank you,

H.B., Indianapolis, IN

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) I got the imperial hessonite garnet set in a beautiful setting today. Although it is has a peachy color to it when it hits the sunlight the yellow tones make it look like a yellow diamond. It is awesome. I love it!! This is perfect timing, because the demand for yellow gemstones is increasing. Thanks


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy,  I just received the talisman and it looks beautiful. As per instruction I will wear on saturday. I am sure it will bring me lots of good luck. Regards,

P.P., Rochester, NY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi all. The ring arrived last Friday - sorry it took so long for me to let you know.  It is beautiful!!! Thanks!

S.C., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Sofija, Lovely pendant--thanks very much! Glad I got it before sundown on Sat, otherwise I'd have to wait a whole week!

C.H., HI

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, I love my pendant; thanks very much  for the beautiful job done with such patience.  sincerely,

B.C., NY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, the sapphire ring arrived yesterday. It was such a surprise...amazing... so much more beautiful than I imagined, and the setting too.Thank you very much. All the best.

D.J., United Kingdom

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija & Rodolfo, well it's here. I am truly delighted by the beauty and energy of my ring. You have done an outstanding job in selecting the stones, and your goldsmith's work is just perfect. Thank you so much for all this. I just regret my previous purchase from another source, which I paid way too much, and for a lower quality product. I guess it was meant to be...Anyway, thank you so much for this exquisite experience.

G.K., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, The pendant arrived safely yesterday ( it got tied up in customs for about 3 days) - everything is in order.  Thank you! The pendant is absolutely gorgeous.  I was in awe by the beauty of the yellow sapphires and how much they sparkled simply stunning. 
The setting is perfect!  The finished product exceeded my expectations.  The sensation I felt when I placed it on my hand was like something
I have never felt before. As per your recommendation, I will wait until Thursday before wearing it and will use the mantra.
I was impressed by your prices - I would have paid more than 2X the price in Canada.  Very affordable, and I am grateful.  I will definitely
let others know about your site. 
Thank you for all of your insight and advice.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to ordering from you again
in the future!
Blessings to you and your family, 
JM, Vancouver, Canada

P.s.  Please feel free to use this as a testimonial! 


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dears, I received the gemstone last Tuesday and waited until Thursday to wear it. It is absolutely beautiful. The stone looks like the picture I saw and the setting is perfect. It was a pleasure working with you and getting your advice. I'll remember you in 7 years when I go into my Venus dasha. But I probably should start saving now! Isn't diamond Venus's stone? Anyway, thank you again. Namaste,

V.C., WA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, Although my wife wrote to you, I wanted to add my own thanks. I received the pendant on Thursday (it was here Wednesday, yet I was out at the time), and was very impressed by it's beauty. The gem is wonderful, and at such a good price, and the setting is perfect.  The gem is simply a delightful stone.
Tara put the pendant on today. Can't wait to experience the emerald!

All best wishes and many thanks,
P., D. & T. J., United Kingdom

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) It is a keeper! Thanks

K.K., Elkton, MD

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudi, Just to tell you that I received the pendant yesterday without any complications. As you advise I will start to wear it on the indicated day. I will write more shortly. Again many thanks and, Jai Guru Dev

P.S., Kigali, Rwanda

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi! I got the ring today!  It is just too beautiful! Thanks,

E.C., Denver, CO

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Thanks you are the best. Everything is a keeper!


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dears, they are here. very small and very pretty!!! we like them! thanks again for all the good vibrations, warm regards,

R. W.-G., Hamburg, Germany

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy!  Received the ring Wednesday, and LOVE it!  Thanks for all your help in creating it.  It is absolutely beautiful!

S.C., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi guys, Just letting you know I got the stones. Very pleased and hope to do business with you again. What type of pricing for the columbian emerald parcel? Thanks,

J.M., Naperville, IL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, I just rec'd the appraisal and receipt for my new stone.  I had it set into a simple white gold setting and it is beyond spectacular. I sit right by a large window at my desk with overhead fluorescent lighting.
As I type, the stone shifts between the blue/violet/pink spectrum and is a delight. Everything about it is exactly what I had wanted in a color change sapphire. Again, I appreciate you help in finding such incredible quality gemstones at such fair prices.

Best regards, C.L., Nashville, TN

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Aloha Brother Rudy, This is to let you know that I put on the Ruby ring this Sunday. I want to let you know how happy I am with it. I am completely satisfied. Thank you for your good work! With Love and many thanks, 

l.M., Hawaii

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija, wow! What can I say. I love it! It is "a super deal" indeed, as you said. Will always cherish this gem and my relationship with you. Best Wishes,

L.Z., Australia

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Thank you so much for the beautiful sapphire. It is truly a 'gem'. The other gemstone should be arriving back to you shortly. I sent it insured first class USPS the day we talked on the phone. Thanks again,

B.R., MD

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Thank you very much. I received the stone. It's beautiful.

T.N., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Received. Thank you. They look beautiful. Best,

D.G., N.Y.C.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dears, -I picked the ring up today and its lovely! Thanks so much-

Namaste-D.F., Baltimore, MD

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy: I have received the ring and it is beautiful.  Very simple and elegant and the stones are lovely.  Haven't tried it on yet because I decided to wait until Thursday. Thanks again

P.A., AR

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Thank you so much for the beautiful padparadscha. It is exactly as described and I hope to be ordering more gems in the future. Your pictures and descriptions are the best I have seen on the internet. Thanks again,


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudi, I'm sorry for taking so long to write, but I wanted to tell you that I love my stone.  It literally dances with light.  I am getting it mounted this week because it took me that long to let go of it.  It is such a sparkling beauty!

Thank You so very much
P.D., Chicago

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Sofija - Received the pendant today; I'm really pleased with it. Thanks for your good work.


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy - The talisman arrived today (Saturday) and looks beautiful. As suggested, I'll wear it the first time after sunset on Monday, and will recite the mantra provided.  the astrologer also gave me a longer mantra to recite for 10 or 20 thousand times. He said my Moon is in trouble, so I know this will help. Thanks very much!

S.K., Dublin, NH

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy and Sofija,

I have received the ring today and it simply looks beautiful. As you have mentioned in there I will start wearing it starting Wednesday. I will for sure let you know all the positive things happens after wearing the ring.

Thanks for everything you have done. Regards,

P.P., Rochester, NY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy: You said it is spectacular, but that is an understatement...Sometimes I feel very sorry for you. While you sell beautiful Gemstones you very seldom get to see what your customers do with them. It's just indescribable how the finished product turns out...Rudy: Earrings is exactly what I wanted them for. Really appreciate your comments.  It's really fantastic that you would take the time to advise me about such a small order. You can't give better customer service than that. Please ship.

M.P, Las Vegas, NV

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, I did receive the yellow sapphire ring and certificate. Thank you so much. It is extraordinarily beautiful. I just put your check in the mail. You should have it by Monday or Tuesday. If you don't, please let me know. Thanks again for a beautiful treasure!

K.W., Los Angeles, CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy & Sofija,
Thank you so much for the beautiful gems! I have been shopping high and low in may directions, on-line (namely Ebay, retail and "wholesale" sites) and off-line. Your quality and the fairest prices are the best. It is such a nice and relaxed experience to know that honest and capable people do still exist. My thoughts go to you all. Thanks again.

S.W., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy: Thanks again. The pair of white sapphires I purchased from you are some of the nicest I've ever laid my eyes on. I'm going to use them in a three stone ring, the two sapphires on the sides with the beautiful spinel I bought recently in the center. I'll send you a picture when it's done.

C.S., NY

I received my mercury talisman pendant and chain.  It is beautiful!  I will start wearing it tomorrow as you recommended.  I want to thank you for all of your help with my purchase.

M.C., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy - The ring arrived Saturday, and I put it on at sunrise on Sunday after reciting the Surya Mantra. I'm very impressed with the ring, and the stone is beautiful. Please give my compliments to your jeweler for his superb work. His workmanship is so fine Thank you. Best Regards,

B.T., San Francisco, CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, I've been wearing my new ring for about a week now and good things are already starting to happen.  This talisman is not only powerful, but it's incredibly beautiful as well.  You've done a magnificent job selecting the stone and setting it.  Your suggestion of the gold bezel is a splendid touch. Thank you so very much for your good work.

S.F., New York

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello, The ring arrived this afternoon, looks great. Thank you for the shipping refund. It was nice doing business with you. Thank You,

A. H. E., PA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy -I wanted to let you know that my chrysoberyl pendant arrived safely today (Thursday), coincidentally the perfect day to begin wearing my Ketu talisman. I am very pleased with the stone. It almost seems as if I started enjoying the benefits from the day that I ordered it. Thanks so much! Ciao bello,

R.T., San Francisco, CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) I finally got a chance to e-mail you to let you know I did receive your shipment OK yesterday, and I am very pleased with the yellow sapphire ring and SS pearl moon talisman and chain. Thanks!...Both items are very lovely.   I have cleansed and energized them after trying them on for fit, and am really looking forward to starting to wear them on the appropriate day of the week!
Very satisfied...

A. H., San Diego, CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy, I received the sapphire this morning and I am very pleased with it. Thank you again for swapping the stone out from the set for me. It is absolutely beautiful! I will no doubt be ordering more gemstones in the future. Take care,

S.D.C., Norfolk, MA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija, Thank you for the beautiful pearl ring. I just love it and the fit is great. Have a wonderful vacation in Italy.   

K. H., Southfield, MI

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hej Sofija, The ring is here at home. Everything went well.... I will tell my family friends if they need gemstones that make sense and brings good luck, the Planetary Gems Co. is the place to look. I will be back for more when time is due. With best regards'

S. L. S., Denmark

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, The necklace arrived yesterday just as I drove up to the house...  It is a beautiful stone and the setting is perfect.  You're right I was impressed with it!  Thanks again for the quick and professional service. If the stone is correct the next 25 years should be better than the first.  Sincerely,

D. H., VA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy, I received the yellow sapphire and it is beautiful. I am very pleased. Thank you very much,

T. V., NY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy and Sofija! I've received my gems! Thank you very, very much! Their both absolutely gorgeous and straight away I fall in love with them! I must admit that when at first I heard what gems I'm supposed to have I wasn't very pleased. I never really fancied any pearls, not mentioning corals but... never say never - they are very classy and absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
You've done a really great job! Once again many thanks! Regards

P.A., Skelmersdale, UK

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) HI Rudy,  The padpa just arrived.  It is so stunning, it takes my breath away!  The photo doesn't do it justice at all!  Thank you so much!  I am beyond thrilled!  You will certainly be hearing more from me in the future.  Thanks again. 

K. E., Downers Grove, IL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy & Sofija, I got the pendant and it is BEAUTIFUL!  I can�t wait until I do the puja so that I can wear it J  Thank you for making this wonderful piece for me.  As I emailed you earlier, my life started an upswing from the moment you told me that you had started the pendant. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Warm regards,

J.B., Coronado, CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija: Sorry I had not written sooner. I got a bit busy. As usual. The emerald arrived and, it is beautiful!!!!!
You did not exaggerate. The color is lovely and the shape is perfect for the ring I have in mind. I will definitely be purchasing more emeralds and other stones from you in the future.  I feel comfortable that I can do business with you and not have to worry about the stone I will receive. You are very honest and clear in your description of the stone quality, color, clarity and other characteristics.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cordially,

E.L., FL

P.S. Feel free to use me in any testimonial type advertisement. Your product is worth it. E.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy: A beautiful gem indeed !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for a great product, price and delivery as promised ! ! I will not hesitate to purchase gems from you in the near future.Thanks again,

E.S., NY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Ciao Rodolfo...e arrivata gia ieri! e' veramente mi piace.e' bello! buon lavoro. e sabato sera faro' il piccolo 'ritual' a mettere il mio primo 'hessonite' (devo avere ancora un po di pazienza :-). ti facio sapere dopo come mi sta.

E grazie anche per i business card...daro' a mie amiche/amici... saluti, e a presto...ciao ciao

C.N.N., Oakland, CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, I received the talismans today. Thank you for letting me know they were on their way. The coral cameo is breathtaking, and the emerald presence in the three-stone pendant is more than I had hoped for. It will be hard to wait until May 14 for the beginning of my Mercury Dash....When you return, I would like to ask that you do some updated appraisals for me. Also could you fax me a copy of the receipt for the original emerald stone? I forgot to keep it! (I will pay for the
appraisals, as I know that is extra work.)

Will write more later, but wish you well on your trip.

C.B., OH

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, I LOVE my ring...thank you and thank whoever set the stone.  I said my prayers....and all is good....already wonderful Jupiter energy is moving all around.....

In light,


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija, Thank you so much for attending to this situation in such a generous and supportive manner.  We are very impressed with your level of service to your customer.

Sincerely, M.&T. C., Vancouver, WA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Good morning! Just received the yellow sapphires and they are spectacular. A fine compliment for the one I have in the ring, just as you said it would be. You are helping me to build quite a nice assortment of wonderful stones. Thanks so much Rudy--  

C.L., Nashville, TN

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy , the ring arrived safely and I have put it on today.  It's great; I feel like a new woman.  The stones are more beautiful than they looked on the website and they shimmer with a warm glow. I can't wait for the next one.

Best wishes, E.L., London, UK

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy and Sofia,
Just wanted to let you know that the gem arrived today, and you have another happy customer: thanks. You will probably hear from me in the near future.

Fr. P.T., El Paso, TX

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy. Got the emerald ring on Friday and will start wearing it tomorrow (Wednesday). It looks wonderful! Thanks very much.

B.W., Salt Lake City, UT

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija, I am so happy! I have received my emerald ring. It is truly incredible, gorgeous! Most of all, I appreciated your honesty in telling me about the treatments in emeralds. Very honest, very trustworthy, inexpensive for the quality and you delivered me a beautiful talisman. I will be proud to wear such an incredible ring. I will tell everybody my 100% positive experience with you.

My Best Regards, S.C., Germany

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija, Received my blue sapphire ring today. It is truly gorgeous, very happy with it! I can say it was worth the wait. Just want to thank you and hope to do business with you again, soon.

Best Wishes, G.L., Coral Spring, FL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, My ring is perfect.  I love it!  I was able to begin wearing it at sunrise this morning, as was my wish for my 50th birthday. 

I am very pleased with the setting, it does make the ring auspicious as you said it would.  It is unusual and exquisitely unique. The white sapphire holds it's own next to my beautiful diamond wedding rings.  I was a little concerned how they would look together but it's just a perfectly gorgeous combination.  She is a beauty, my white sapphire and I feel a tingling and electric sensation in my left hand.  So, I assume that means I am receiving good energy!  It's kind of a strange feeling but I feel very good about it!

Thank you so much.

I couldn't  be more pleased.

Best Regards,

M.C., Vancouver, WA

 di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy: Beautiful Stone. I'm extremely pleased, and with my dealings with you. Everything was handled very professionally. You did
everything possible to make this customer very happy.
Best Regards,

M.P., Las Vegas, NV

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Sofija, My Hessonite arrived today.  It's gorgeous!  It looks even more beautiful in real life,  I can't wait to have it set and wear it.
Thank you.

M.C., Vancouver, WA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Thanks you. I received the pendant today.  It is just Lovely! Thanks so much!

N.S., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, I received  the rings today, I was totally taken aback they are gorgeous i dont know how to express my joy for getting my moneys worth just beautiful, and better than most exquisite jewelry i see in major stores. my thanks to your genuine interest in making your customers happy .you are a true businessman GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
And kuddos to your jeweler he's a very fine craftsman. i wish i had got my saturn ring made from you .Maybe in the future i will consider ordering one again.
i will get in touch with you again after i show my jewels to my mama.
Thank you again dear Rudy
with all my sincerity,

N.S., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi, Received my ring today and it is beautiful.  Will be looking for something else shortly.  Thank you. 

C.S., NH

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Sofija, the pendant looks absolutely gorgeous. We love it. Thank you so much.

I.K., Ontario, Canada

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, I have just opened the parcels today and it is just breath taking!!!!! They look so gorgeoussss! First parcel was the one with emerald and four sapphires (thank you! I will use it to make it into a piece of jewellery with one of the stones) and the colour is just so fantastic! I even compared with the emerald that I bought from you before but the clarity is so much cleaner!
I was so excited and opened the second parcel with two blue sapphires in it and definitely it was worth the wait for 4 months! I just love all of them and I know it is definitely money well spent! Thank you so much and wish you the best and I will certainly be keeping eyon more new gems ^^

K.S. Perth, Australia

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, The ring arrived safely and I am delighted. I can hardly wait to start wearing it but I want everything to be just right. Does it matter whether the current transit of the moon is favourable or not? I see that it is in Scorpio tomorrow which isn't very good for me.  Would I be better to wait two weeks when it will be in Taurus, a very favourable transit for me?

Many thanks, E.L., England

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, I wanted to forward a shot of my new padparadscha in it's setting. The stone is everything that you said...and more.......incredibly brilliant, perfect color, beautifully cut. We mounted it with diamonds as you suggested. The jeweler was amazed by the stone and very curious as to where I had located such a rare sapphire. It is drawing quite a bit of attention.

 Thank you so much for your help in finding such a fine gem. You are wonderful to do business with. I look forward to checking the web site for yellow sapphires next!

Best regards, C.L., TN

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Sofija, just received the coral - wow, it's really a beauty. Just the way I imagined it to be. Tank you !!

Regards, H.K., Germany

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, The cross is absolutely perfect!  I am very proud of your design and your goldsmith's handiwork.  The weight and feel are very masculine.  There is power in the dimensions.  It is a perfect size and shape for the gem stones.  I am grateful for your help getting my complete jyotish stone system as recommended, including the ruby ring.  It is a pleasure to know you and I will always consider you a friend.  Best wishes always. 

Sincerely,  D.B., NM

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija, I just received the golden Sri Lankan sapphire ring with the accented Burmese rubies. It appears more beautiful than that displayed on your website. I mean it is truly vibrant, spell binding and magnificent ring...one of a kind! No questions with it. The workmanship is truly outstanding, and just as you had promised, it is very beautiful and looks like the ring was designed for the royalties.  As per Vedic teachings, I am waiting to wear it on coming Thursday, on the full moon day, to harness Jupiter's energy into my life.  Just holding the ring in the hand, I  felt as if the golden sparkle was talking to the astral planes and connecting me to the cosmos.

L.K., PH.D. Scientist-Lawyer, Washington DC

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the yellow sapphire ring. The stone dances and shimmers so subtly, like it's smiling at me. It makes me smile too.
It is a delight to do business with you. In the fast and furious pace of the modern world, you take the time to talk with people in person -- to get to know them better, and to understand their tastes as well as their orders. You have able to grasp my descriptions fully and translate them into beautifully crafted jewelry. I am truly honored to see my talismans featured on your website.

Continuing best wishes, C.B., OH

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, I'm back in the office today and received the pendant.  It's perfect;  just what I was hoping for. Thanks very much.  

 I may bother you again before Christmas for something else.

J.R., Chicago, IL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hessonite is very lovely! Thanks.

R.K.S., Avon, CT

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy & Sofija, when I saw my ruby ring on the website, it was hard to wait until it came in person. I picked it up from the post office this morning. It is more beautiful than its picture, The gold is very well crafted, the stone will be very well protected in the bezel, and its subtle fire dances -- especially in the sun! Thank you so much. ;-) Now I will need to work on the yellow sapphire! Best wishes on a beautiful spring day, 

C.B., OH

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Sofija & Rudy, I had a good feeling when I found you on the web. Your web work is detailed and truly beautiful!, I expected the stones that you advertise equally great. Well, I got my emerald....I had shopped for many Jyotish stones over the years, and nothing compare to you guys! Equation "quality and price" is excellent, your service is great, a lot of heart and understanding, and the power of your stones is tangible. Personally, I rank you the #1 source for powerful, astrological gems and talismans anywhere. Wish everybody were like you.....

Sincerely, J.A., NM

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, I just picked up the parcel and opened it.  I am glad I waited until I got home to open the package: I am overwhelmed with the beauty of these stones.   The yellow sapphire looks like a golden diamond in the sunlight and the blue stone is so peaceful and gracious.  They are already starting to work!... I look forward to doing business with you again.

Namaste, M.W., WA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, M.L. here. I received the ring. I LOVE it! It's perfect. Thank you so much. As the abundance flows I will be contemplating, manifesting the pearl pendant or ring. Thanks again.   Please send me the chart information as we discussed. I would love to know what else I could be doing to amplify or build such areas for optimal benefit to my well-being. Thus activating more powerfully and directly  my gifts and life purpose.... Bye for now..........OM SHANTI, 


di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Sophia and Rudy, MANY THANKS ITS REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The emerald arrived just now and I am so happy with it- you are right it really is looking so lovely and I will wear it tomorrow morning as you suggested with mantras and I will leave everything now up to the planets to take my destiny.
Many thanks again and lots of love and light from me

R.C.L., London, UK

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija, How are you? I just wanted to let you know that I got my pearl today, and it's really beautiful!

I love it!  It's truly amazing...has a special magic of it's own!... Pleasure doing business with you, I might come back for more later this spring. Thanks!!!

 Best, B., Belgrade, Serbia

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, I have received the pearl this morning... and yes! I love it! She is gorgeous, a real beauty and the goldsmith's work is absolutely fine. My Chandra was beaming from joy and satisfaction at the sight :o) Many many thanks again Rudy for the care and attention you put in all this. Even the packaging is showing how much your attention is blessing your activity in the least detail. This is very noble, you are a Lord!
May you always surf on tidal waves of Bliss and I wish, for you and your family, Love, Health and Prosperity.
Tr�s amicalement

J.C., France

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Oh my goodness, I received the Padparadsha and the two 5 mm white sapphires Rudy and they are so beautiful!! I have decided to use the 3 stones in my engagement ring and I will send you a picture after I have the ring made. Thanks again!

D.S., WA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija,
Today we have received the rings. They have really come out beautiful. Everything was O.K.with the customs. We will start to wear the rings on Saturday and Monday. Thank you very much for your fast and correct service. Probably in the future we will come back for more gems. Also I will recommend you to all of those who want to wear a jyotish gem. 

Regards, L., Budapest, Hungary

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy,

I received them today. They are so nice. Better than expected. I can only say thank you!!! Can they be used together with the

Emerald? Also to get the maximum result is there any instruction on how to use them? Thanks Rudy and many blessings.

I.A, Tokyo, Japan.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy,, Thanks for the beautiful yellow sapphire ring.   It's so lovely and clear and sparking.   It will be a joy to wear it.


R.M., Idaho Falls, ID

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Got the earrings.  They are so beautiful.  I will definitely be watching your website for more treasures.  Thanks for the great service.  

S.O., NY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Sofija, i've already received the gemstones. Thanks. They are beautiful. The emerald actually looks darker in the 'flesh' than the photo.

Best Regards, Y.M., Singapore

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hej Rudy, Today I received my ring it fits perfect thank you for your effort. Hope to make good business with you some other time. I wish you and your family the best.

 Best regards, S.L.S., Denmark

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija, the emerald arrived! it is just perfect. Really, I am very pleased!. I have been shopping for a while now. Got few stones from people, and I have to tell you, this is the nicest, cleanest emerald for the money I could possibly get. Actually, I almost bought a stone very similar to this, but the price was 3 times yours. I am so happy! I wish you all the best, and keep on going like this.

J.K., Minneapolis, MN

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy, The ring is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for your time, care + attention to it for me.

I.M., Louisville, KY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy, I have received the Pearl ring, and I am more than pleased... this should be quite a powerful ring for me. 

Thanks again
 R. C., Maple Shade, NJ

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy- got the stone last night-was out of town- it's beautiful, the stone looks great.  Will give you a buzz when I find the right mount for the ruby- thanks again 

P.T., Los Angeles, CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy
Just to let you know the pearl arrived today, brilliant service! thanks I like it very much....I have been told I need a cat's eye, also.  Will be back in touch in a month or so,  and I will recommend you to my friends. 

Val, England

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello Rudy! The sapphire is just amazing.  I can't tell you how pleased I am with this stone!  So many people have been admiring it and I have been telling them about your website....I have my eye on a few other pieces but it will probably be a month or so before I could consider them seriously. Thank you again for all your efforts and this lovely gem,

S.S, Santa Fe, NM

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy. I received the stone (white sapphire) and it is a wonderful gem! I am very very happy. It's a great emotion to see a gem like that. And you saved us lots of money. I would like to thank you very much for all.

F.C. & D.S., Quebec, Canada

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, I am so happy with the ring! Thank you, it arrived today. Are you equally impressed?...

S.T. Washington DC

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, Just wanted to let you know that the white sapphire arrived--And It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I can hardly wait to get it into a setting and wear it all the time.

Best Regards, L.N. KS

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Ciao Rudy. Sono tornata un paio di giorni fa dalle vacanze. Ho ricevuto la tua spedizione. I gioielli sono veramente bellissimi! Sono
molto soddisfatta. Allora, ancora grazie di tutto e a risentirci in futuro per il prossimo acquisto.
Ciao a te e Sofija,

R.B. Vienna, Austria

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, I received the ring... it looks beautiful, I am using this opportunity to thank you, I will start wearing the ring on Saturday.  My regard,

J.N, Tokyo, Japan

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy,
Thank you for your patience with my credit card and its ridiculous policies...the trillion is beautiful!!!!!  I must say that my local jeweler (who is a gemologist) was very impressed with the stones....Again, thank you and I will be buying a white sapphire sometime in the next number of months.

Sincerely, L.W., KS

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija, 
I have just received the Madagascar ruby ring. It is stunning! I am so thrilled, and so happy!!! You have done an excellent job with the setting, and I cannot take away my eyes from the ruby. Even though less than 1 carat, it is absolutely phenomenal. Thank you so much.
Warmest regards,

M.K., San Antonio, TX

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy,
I ordered a matching pair of princess cut white sapphires to complete my wedding ring. You returned my email request within two hours and you called me on the phone to say that you were out of stock in the size I wanted. WEll, my sapphires arrived three days ago and they are so beautiful. They were worth the wait. My husband and I have our own business as well and I want to commend you and thank you for being so professional and prompt. I will buy all of my gems from you in the future. It was truly a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks. 

R.D., NM

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, They arrived today. They are beautiful, more beautiful than the pictures. Thank you very much. Best wishes for Christmas and new year, best wishes for your business too...I beg to remain your servant, Best

A.W. Indonesia

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy, I recently purchased an oval 2.44 Columbian emerald VS clarity. After having it set by my personal jeweler I cannot tell how beautiful it truly is! Two of the sales representatives, finding out separately that it was purchased over the internet, said I got an extremely good buy. One of them commenting that the appraisal was at least what you quoted. Needless to say, I would do business in a heart beat with you again and highly recommend your services to anyone who may be considering a purchase. Thanks again for such great service and offering quality gems for superb prices. 

Sincerely, P.G., Ponte Vedra Bch., FL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dears, The ring has arrived and it's beautiful. Thank you.

B. J., Greenfield, MA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Received emerald today. It looks great, and you gave me a discount that starts Friday, too. Please be careful you'll ruin the reputation of Jewelers and Gemologists by providing this great level of service. Thanks

B.R., San Jose, CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija,
Thanks for sending the two emeralds to view... I knew at first sight the oval was the one for me! 
After seeking a second opinion from my husband, he agreed. The color is exactly what I was looking for and it has good clarity... I am planning to have it set with diamond, paved prongs and a diamond atop of each prong. Thanks again for the great service. You couldn't have done better if you were my regular jeweler!

P.G., Ponte Vedra Bch., FL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, I received the ring and earrings today, and the whole set together is just breathtaking. I truly appreciate the rarity of these pieces. One day, I may even add one of your cameos (down the line, though!). Your goldsmith did beautiful work to showcase the coral. Please let me know the total cost for the necklace & ring & earring set, and I will get a check mailed for the amount on Saturday. Thank you so much again.
Best - Deb 

D.G., Albuquerque, NM

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy, the ring is BEAUTIFUL! I picked it up at the local post office today because
I missed the home delivery yesterday. I'm wearing my lovely ring as I type this letter, and I am so excited. Thank you so much.

Aloha, E. A., Honolulu, HI

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) ...last night I taped the ruby to my finger as you suggested and immediately felt AMAZING - even though I was working late at the office and was quite tired - I immediately felt strong and clear and a sense of calm power somehow. The effect was absolutely tangible.

I think this is my stone after all. Thank you so much. Jai Guru Dev, 

R. L., U.K.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello,
I received the ring yesterday. It is lovely. Thank you very much.

D. H, CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) hi Sofija,
The stones arrived yesterday afternoon. And they are truly beautiful! I couldn't help smiling when I saw them.... Thank you again... it's a real joy to shop with you!

best wishes
R. K, Singapore

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy
The ruby ring arrived and it's beautiful! I love the internal lights in the stone, and the setting is quite different and pretty. Thank you.....I'm so pleased!...I will send check out tomorrow.

Best - D. G., FL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi guys,
Well, I got the emerald and I am delighted with it! It's beautiful. I'm thrilled to find a round one....
I had made a few calls to jewelers around here asking about round emeralds and was told they don't exist, and that I'd pay $800-900 per carat for clean emerald but it wouldn't be round. So, thank you very much for having just what I needed! Great doing business with you.

Sincerely, Marna E.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) ............I have to admit that I'm going through an emotional purge because Jupiter aspects Cancer (which contains Mars and Rahu), but I think that that's the best thing for me. Better out than end. I'm also healing physically.  And as far as luck is concerned, it's been unbelievable lately!!
Again, it's critical that you keep these stones at these low prices for the benefit of humanity. God bless you!!!

 K. A., PA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy
The sapphire ring arrived last week, and it is beautiful....couldn't be more pleased.....the setting sets the stone off nicely!  Thank you. Hope your New Year is going well for you and yours.
Best- Deb

D. G., FL

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) I received the stone yesterday and it's beautiful. It's exactly what I wanted. In fact, It's so perfect that I've decided that I want the 7 karat cabochon as well. Please put it on hold for me. I'm going out of town this weekend, so please do not ship or bill me until I contact you again in January. Thank you!

K. A., PA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) I have met with the jeweler and I will be keeping the stone. I want to thank you for answering all my questions and concerns about purchasing a stone on the internet, sight unseen. I apologize for not being more enthusiastic when I received the stone, I was concerned about making a mistake. The color is so beautiful and exactly what I was looking for and suits my blue sapphires very much. I would recommend to anyone that they deal with you. Thanks again for your patience with me.    

In a more recent email: I received my new ring with the yellow sapphire I purchased from you, mounted with my own blue sapphires. The ring is stunning. I have recommended your services to a number of people. They are astonished that I could receive such fine service and such a quality gem on the internet. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Anne M. W., Canada

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Greetings! I just received my white sapphire three stone ring in white and yellow gold and it is just stunning!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful work and fast service. This will be a birthday gift to cherish.

Marti P., WI

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hello- Just got the ring today. It is very pretty. The color change is slight, but in certain light, like in mixed light, it looks like it is two colors at once; purply pink and magenta. Neat. Very good quality as well. Thanks for everything. Take care!

Shannon H.,  

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy
I'VE GOT THE EMERALD TODAYYYYYYY (well actually yesterday but i wasnt home to receive it) and it is just gorgeous!!!!! all i have to do now is to get it nicely set!! i cant wait for it to be set. even though it looks so gorgeous as it is =)

Thank you soOo much for the gorgeous gem!

Kaoru S., Australia

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hiya!
I am so pleased with my beautiful ring! here are some pics.

    Loving Blessing, 
Ashleea, Hawaii

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija,
The lovely ruby arrived today (Monday). Thank you. After I have worn it for a while, I will contact you to let you know how I am getting on with it!
very best wishes

Ray A., England

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy,
I have just received the stones. I am very satisfied. Very beautiful !! Thank you for your kindness. Best wishes for you and your wife. 

Hubert P., France  

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dears,
I got the white sapphire ring!! It is so beautiful!! Thank you so much.

Gretchen C.,  AK

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija,
I received the mala on Friday, and I loved it -- so beautiful, unusual and spiritually compelling. The person I gave the mala to adored it. Thank you so much for your thoughtful attention and skill, and please thank your jewelry designers/makers for their creativity and skill.
I will recommend your company to anyone searching for a gem or mala as an astrological remedial measure.
Thanks again.

Caroline W., NY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Hi Rudy,...
...The stones, in and of themselves, are spectacular, but their influence is whats truly amazing. They are, indeed, very precious gifts from the Earth. I know that you say on your website that one will be amazed by their power and it is true.
The first day I wore my Emerald, I was amazed by the vibration I felt in my hand from it; and then throughout my body. After having my talismans for a month now, I can feel energy moving through my body like I never have before. It feels great! Issues that have been intense emotional issues for me for my entire adult life, I now find myself feeling so much lighter about and am even willing to find humor things that were once just too painful to laugh about. I feel a wonderful light-heartedness so frequently now that I had only gotten brief glimpses of before. I guess you could say Ive done a lot of "work" on my issues gotten lots of energetic body work, etc.
etc. but few things have lightened my load like these stones. And its definitely the most effortless!

The service you offer is marvelous. As I have said, almost anyone can sell a stone, but you sell much more than that. You sell the potential to wear these stones these gifts from the Creator - in such a way that they have maximum positive influence. It is a truly touching experience! ....

Carmen D., AZ

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy,
Yesterday, I have received the talismans and... they are truly magnificent!!! The ring is beautiful and the gem has an incredible light to it!! Also the other two talismans are equally incredible, in few words I am very happy with the purchase. Thank you so much for the great work, and be sure I will be back (You know that I have on hold the yellow sapphire...). By for now, and meet you again next month...        (original in Italian)

Warmest regards,
Roberta B., Austria

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Rudy & Sofija,
Thank you so very much for all that you have done to create these beautiful pendants. It has been a great pleasure doing business with you. My blessing to you and to your family.

Carol L., WA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija,
Breathtaking! When I opened the package, I actually gasped. The red coral ring is more beautiful than I imagined and fits perfectly. Thank you.
With warmest regards,

Robyn B. , VA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy,
I received my ring this morning and it is absolutely gorgeous. I have already had so many compliments on it. Thank you so much. I feel so much positive energy with it. I can't thank you enough.

Best regards, Marjorie

Marjorie C.,  MO

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija,
I received my Ruby ring today! It is absolutely beautiful!! I wish to Thank You for clear communication in selecting the stone to helping me with the design. When I found your company on line I intuitively felt that Jasna Gems was the right place to purchase a vedic gem. My intuition was confirmed! I will recommend you to others that are looking to purchase vedic jewelry. Thank You once again!
M. K.
PS. Thanks for the chocolate!! 

M. K., CA    Hatha Yoga Ananda Certified,

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija,
Enclosed is a check for the Tahitian black pearl. Gilda is very happy with this stone. She said you have made an excellent choice. Wishing you continued success and lots of bliss!

Mr. & Mrs. Lucien M., NC
 TM Governors

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) ...Much appreciation to you and all you've done to be most cooperative and accommodating with our search. I know every time I will look at my engagement ring, I'll remember the wonderful experience we had in working with you and how you made a dream for me come true...

Cheryl D., NH

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija,
Thank you for the clarification on the emerald. At least you have cleared my doubts on the effects of inclusions in stones. I will keep in touch with you again on my next purchase in the very near future. I have recommended two of my friends to buy their stones from you. I believe they will contact you very soon.
Thanks again for your time in serving me.
Warmest regards,

HF T., Malaysia

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy,
Thanks for helping me with Big medicine in small package. It's especially nice to do business with trusting person. Very pleasant experience.

Meredith L.  AZ

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy and Sofija,
I received my talisman yesterday. It is beautiful! I just love it. Thank you very much for creating such a beautiful piece of jewelry for me. I will wear it with full pride and joy.
Thank you,

Mike V.,  NY

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) I am writing few words of thank regarding the yellow sapphire ring that I just received. It is simply beautiful! I love it! Upon wearing it I definitely felt a wave of happiness pervading my whole being. This is what I was looking for in this time. Thank you very much.

Mary R.S., GA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) I really love the blue sapphire you sent me. It is beautiful. I am very, very happy with this purchase. I have in mind a pendant design, which I include in this letter. Please, let me know if it is possible for you to craft it. Thank you!

Maria F., CA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Sofija & Rudy,
Since I started wearing the Navaratna, I feel happier, more energetic and creative than ever. I found a distinct improvement in the quality of my work. I am looking forward to get my Jyotish emerald in a short time. Thank you.
Hope to see you soon.

Andrea F., Italy
New Age musician

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Dear Rudy & Sofija,
I love my yellow sapphire. It feels very sattvic and pure. It brought me many good things since I have it. Looking forward for my Jyotish pearl hopefully at the same great price I got this one. Regards and thank you.

Petra B.
Maharishi University of Management, IA

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) It has been a pleasure dealing with both of you.
I want to say this: the ruby ring is just gorgeous and I am very happy I finally got it. I went to a jewelry store, showed my ruby ring and asked the price for a similar stone. The jeweler told me a price 4 times higher of what I paid from you. Thank you for such great gift.
Please, let me know the availability for red coral 4 to 5 carats and the price to set it in a gold pendant. Thanks!

Frank W., IL
University professor

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Since I started wearing this breathtaking white sapphire pendant (now I really love the double row of emerald accents around the center stone!), I feel more relaxed and at ease with people as never before. My husband says I am a different person. Enclosed you will find a check and his birth information. Please, let us know his Jyotish gems and availability.
Be sure that my future investment will be the hessonite garnet and cat's eye as the remaining part of my gem recommendation.

With gratitude...
Jennifer and Greg H., FL

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