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Ordering Policies


The Planetary Gems International Co. Ordering Policies

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Payments: We accept major credit cards through our secure & encrypted web order form,    or    personal checks, money orders, wire transfers, and PayPal, which is at the moment the preferred, on-line payment method .   If you want to pay by personal check, your order will be shipped out after the check clears the bank (usually 5 working days).   If you prefer to pay by Paypal, email us. There is no direct PayPal link for the items listed, so just email us, telling which item you are interested in, and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the item(s) in question.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Shipping fully insured:
FedEx 2nd day air to anywhere. Cost will depend on the insurance value. Insurable to any amount;   
($50-$65) FedEx next day air.
Cost will depend on the insurance value. When the item is needed next day. Insurable to any amount;   
($85 and up) International orders: FedEx, 2-4 business days to major, worldwide destinations. Cost will depends on the insurance value and destination. Receiver may be subjected to country custom duties.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Shipping Notifications: After the purchase, you will be notified of shipping status, usually within 24 hours.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Return Notifications: If, in the rare event, you do not like an item, a loose gemstone or an already made, listed jewelry, and you wish to return it, you must notify us by phone or e-mail prior sending back. We will provide you with a return #. The customer assumes his/her own responsibility in sending back by any major carrier in proper secure and sturdy, insured for full value, packaging.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Returns:  If for some reasons, you wish to make a return on loose stones or already made, listed jewelry, you can send back within  14 days after the item(s) has reached you. You will receive 100% refund on stone's price   less    SH (shipping charges), no questions askedReturned items that are not in their card boxes, gem boxes, ring or pendant boxes, altered, damaged, worn or switched, will not be refunded. Custom jewelry approved by the customer, are not returnable or refundable at anytime. After the 14 days, inspection period, the sale is considered final. If you need few more extra days to decide, that is fine, but it will need to be communicated to us.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Custom Jewelry Terms: Astrological, Jyotish jewels or regular jewelry that were ordered to be set in custom pendants or rings or other as per a customer's choice after advices and communication with us, are not refundable. In other words, we usually ship out the loose stones for approval. If somebody wish to have a stone set, either custom ring or pendant, without seeing it in real life, once the exact work is done, the item is not refundable/returnable at any time. This help us to keep prices low and improve quality. If this note serves you well, we never had any dissatisfied customers returning anything on the final product since we started our business.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) For international orders, an electronic bank wire transfer or Transferwise are the optimal method. Just e-mail us if you want these option. We ship by FedEx, and the receiver (client) is responsible for country's custom duties if any.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) During Seasonal sales, the discounted sale price is for check/money orders only if in US and for bank wire transfer if international.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) We accept layaways. A 10% down payment is requested, then the item(s) can be paid off in time agreement with the buyer. A check/money order/wire transfer is preferred with this option (no credit cards).

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Custom Jewelry Designs Copyrights: We usually like, due to copyright reasons, to craft our own designs and not other' people designs.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) International Returns: For international returns on loose stones or already made, listed jewelry paid through wire transfer, we reserve the right to refund your money minus SH charges and the cost of $80 to wire back the refund. For international returns on loose gems paid through credit card or Paypal, we reserve the right to charge 10% for restocking and credit card fees. If this note can serve you well, we did not have any returns in ages.

 di_lb.gif (198 bytes) ~Reserved~ Items: We carry a large inventory that changes continuously. If you see a gem/ talisman/ jewel in our online catalog that appeals to you, you are welcome anytime to purchase it through the ~buy now~ button. In some cases, that same item can be ~Reserved~ or sold, without any indication. No charge whatsoever will be made in that instance. You will receive an email stating the status of that particular item and we might advise you for alternatives.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Fraudulent Purchase Policy: All fraudulent orders will be canceled, noted and reported to the FBI without hesitation. The practice of fraud is strictly prohibited and due to the seriousness of the nature of this practice, We will take necessary legal measures in order to protect legal customers and the company's rights and privacy. We will track you down regardless the location & status of your being.

di_lb.gif (198 bytes) Privacy: We feel that people information are strictly private, and we as a business, take every precaution to protect our users' information and privacy. Both email addresses and customers information are protected both online and off-line at all times and are NOT shared with a third party of any kind.


       We accept major credit cards and PayPal
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     We Ship Worldwide                                  Polygon Member

        Founding Members of the
"Planetary Gemologist Association"

   The Planetary Gems International Co. 1995-2022. 
All rights reserved. Gemstones, jewelry photos & jewelry designs are sole, intellectual property of the Planetary Gems International Co.
The use of such photos & designs by others in any web activity or real implementation is illegal,
 and these parties will be liable of use of copyrighted material and persecuted by the extent of laws.
All prices subject to change without notice, due to constant fluctuation of bank-notes, supply-demand of colored stones and gold prices.
We have the right to refuse service to anyone.

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