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Colombia's Emeralds Buying |

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R.C. viewing a parcel of emeralds. Brokers will come and go all day long to show their stones to the buyers.

Many of the brokers are women. Nothing new about this selling tactic...except that it works well for the seller.

Checking emeralds. To know Colombian emeralds qualities and prices takes a lot of experience.

Checking emeralds under loupe. A careful, close-up examination is very important. There are many synthetics offered to foreign buyers.

A fine parcel of emerald crystals.

Checking more emeralds...

Viewing an emerald rough with loupe.

A master cutter, initializing the cutting process of an exceptional emerald crystal. This process is thought through very carefully...

Examining the emerald crystal and try to decide how to get rid of the included section (whitish portion in the emerald crystal). Probably that occurred when the crystal was broken away from the rock host (matrix).

The master cutter's wheel

Here is the final result: Finest color, top clarity and awesome cutting for this finest match pair, 8.5 cttw. from the Muzo crystal seen previously. In Colombia, top emeralds are called "gota de aceite", that means "oil drop". Were offered for sale in Nov.2004 in Bogota' for several thousands of USD per carat

The smaller, natural hexagon of 1.43 ct., top color and clarity. Cut from the top of the horizontal, full section of the natural crystal.

Beautiful specimen in this parcel. Could not stop smiling...Several thousands per carat.

Stunning heart shape of approx. 8 ct from Chivor.

An exceptionally large, fine rough emerald crystal from Muzo. This was offered at $45,000 wholesale price in Bogota' in 2004. It cut two stones (match pair) of squares 10 cts. each. Arriba.


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